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NATIONAL DAY OF GIVING – #GIVINGTUESDAY – Tuesday after Thanksgiving


National Day of Giving encourages giving back. It takes place the Tuesday after Thanksgiving.

After we’ve spent the weekend shopping and looking for the best deals possible, this day reminds us to give to those less fortunate. Whether we look to our favorite causes or charities, it’s a great reminder to lift others up during a generous time of year. On the Tuesday after Thanksgiving charities, families, businesses, community centers, and students around the world will come together for one common purpose: to celebrate generosity and to give.

HOW TO OBSERVE #GivingTuesday

Quite simply, take advantage of all the holiday deals to add to your charitable giving. Combined with your family, friends, local and national organizations and through the power of social media, Day of Giving can become a tradition worth passing on.

There are several ways to give. 

  • Set up a collection for non-perishable food at work. Deliver the collection to a local food pantry.
  • Donate gift cards to a shelter.
  • Collect new toys and donate them to children spending the holidays in the hospital.
  • Make blankets for those receiving cancer treatment.

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In 2012, 92nd Street Y in New York City created Day of Giving to bring focus to the charitable season in the wake of the commercialized Black Friday and Cyber Monday. More commonly referred to as #GivingTuesday, National Day of Giving harnesses the power of social media to give back around the world and throughout the year.



Each year on December 1st, dessert lovers across the United States enjoy a slice of their favorite on National Pie Day.

This is the 2nd time in a year this national treasure has a day.  The first and more popular designation falls on January 23. 

While it might be the lesser of the two celebrated PIE days (there is also National Pi Day on March 14), it happens to fall smack dab in the middle of a major pie making season.  

Take away ice cream as a dessert choice and most people are either cake people or pie people. Or to put it another way, most people have cake or pie with their ice cream! Combine bumper crops from our gardens and fruit trees with a booming holiday season full of baked goods, cool weather, and rosy-cheeked children; it’s time to tie on those apron strings and get baking.

Of course, we aren’t limited to dessert. Savory pot pies provide comfort on a cold winter’s day and the satisfaction a family cook needs when caring for a family.

HOW TO OBSERVE #NationalPieDay

Bake up your favorite pie or enjoy some leftover slices from the holidays. There are several recipes in the National Day Calendar® pages to choose from, and we offer some others, too. When it comes to pie, or any food really, it’s best enjoyed with others. Invite someone over for your best pie and coffee. Maybe there’s a friend you haven’t seen for a while. Pie starts conversations, and they’re a great way to #CelebrateEveryDay too!

Pecan Pie
Blueberry Pie
Pumpkin Pie

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National Day Calendar ® continues researching the origins of the 2nd Pie Day.

ROSA PARKS DAY – December 1


Rosa Parks Day honors an American Civil Rights hero. On either February 4th or December 1st, the holiday recognizes the civil rights leader Rosa Parks.

On December 1, 1955, after a long day of work, Rosa Parks boarded a bus in Montgomery, Alabama. She took her seat in the ‘colored’ section. As she rode the Cleveland Avenue bus home, the bus began to fill.

The Montgomery city ordinance allowed bus drivers to assign seating. However, it did not permit them to demand passengers give up their seats. Despite this, bus drivers customarily required black passengers to give up their seats to white passengers when public transportation became full.

When the bus driver asked Rosa Parks to give up her seat, she refused. Police arrested her, and what followed is Civil Rights history. On December 5, 1955, the courts found Rosa Parks guilty of violating the city ordinance and fined her $10 plus a court fee.

African American leaders, including E.D. Nixon and Martin Luther King, Jr. (see Martin Luther King, Jr. Day), organized the Montgomery Bus Boycott for the day of Rosa Park’s trial. The boycott succeeded and lasted several months, devastating the transportation system in Montgomery.


Learn more about Rosa Parks, that day in Montgomery, Alabama, and her role in the Civil Rights movement. Discover how the Montgomery Bus Boycott affected the bussing system. Several books and films offer insight to this day in history and the Civil Rights movement to follow. 

  • Quiet Strength: The Faith, the Hope, and the Heart of a Woman Who Changed a Nation by Gregory J. Reed and Rosa Parks
  • Rosa Parks by Rosa Parks
  • She Would Not Be Moved by Herbert R. Kohl
  • Boycott (2001)
  • Selma (2014)

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The California State Legislature created Rosa Parks Day and first celebrated February 4, 2000. California chose to recognize the date of Rosa Park’s birth. Ohio and Oregon celebrate on the day of her arrest, December 1.



On December 1, National Eat a Red Apple Day encourages everyone to eat a red apple. As the adage goes, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away,” and today is a perfect time to put that theory to taste.

An apple is both delicious and nutritious. With over 7,500 varieties of apples and over 7.5% of the world’s production coming from the USA, apples are widely available.

When it comes to a difference in health benefits between red and green apples, it’s a close call. Both have their advantages. Green apples beat the red apple slightly in fiber content. They also have less sugar and carbohydrates. However, red apples tend to taste better eaten fresh. They’re already naturally sweet and don’t require added sugar. The red apple slightly edges out the green in antioxidants. 

Most green apples are reserved for baking and preserves. Since most green apples are tart, the added sugar in recipes brings about a better flavor for eating. 


There are so many ways to celebrate National Eat a Red Apple Day. 

Sink your teeth into a delicious and juicy red apple. This time of year, apples of all kinds are plentiful. Pick up several kinds and give a few to friends to enjoy, too. Create fruit baskets to give as gifts. Do you have a collection of apple recipes? They’re usually full of delicious spices that fill our homes with warm, welcoming aromas. Apples also make great snacks with a slice of cheddar cheese or with a small cup of yogurt, too.

Dried apple slices smeared with peanut butter and dipped in birdseed make excellent treats for the birds. Pierce to make a hole and thread with twine. Hang it from a tree branch. Your neighborhood birds will thank you. 

However you enjoy, share using #NationalEatARedAppleDay to post on social media.


National Day Calendar® continues researching the origins of this fruity holiday.

WORLD TRICK SHOT DAY – First Tuesday in December


Get ready for World Trick Shot Day on the first Tuesday of December. The world-famous Harlem Globetrotters, the originators of the trick shot, bring this celebration to give enthusiasts a chance to showcase their most impressive shots.

Like the Harlem Globetrotters, this day celebrates the trick shot. Every opportunity should be taken to capture your best trick shot. Demonstrate every twist, jump, and flip. Trick shots are not only entertaining, but they’re also inspiring. Gravity-defying feats of physics take trick shots to the next level. Be sure to share yours!

If you don’t perform trick shots, be sure to support someone who does. Cheer them on and offer to record their amazing attempts and successes. Where will your next trick shot be?

HOW TO OBSERVE #WorldTrickShotDay

Record a video of your best trick shot and post it on social media using the hashtag, #WorldTrickShotDay – We will be watching!

Share your #WorldTrickShotDay moves with the Harlem Globetrotters and find theirs on these social media channels:

World’s highest Slam Dunk- https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=324321551723225
Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/HarlemGlobetrotters/
Twitter- https://twitter.com/Globies
Instagram-  https://www.instagram.com/harlemglobetrotters/
YouTube- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_HgtI1WieWXTJu-EWHGr9w 

855 Feet in the Air – Slam Dunk Baby! – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CdsfMfRKVNk&t=2s


The Globetrotters created World Trick Shot Day to give fans all around the world the court and celebrate with them all the amazing shots they too are capable of developing and performing!

The Harlem Globetrotters made their first shot in 1926 and have been leading innovators in the world of sports and entertainment since. They gained popularity with their on-court antics and amazing abilities on the basketball court. Today, the Harlem Globetrotters hold numerous world records for their feats and continue to push the limits of the game. They recently added a 4-point line, an innovation that is the first of its kind.

The Registrar at National Day Calendar® declared World Trick Shot Day in November of 2016.

DAY WITHOUT ART – December 1


Day Without Art on December 1st coincides with National AIDS Day and was started by committee with the Visual AIDS organization in response to the AIDS crisis.  

An International Day of Action and Mourning  in Response to the AIDS Crisis

The day of mourning recognizes the lives lost to AIDS. The moving visual demonstration of life without art symbolizes the vibrant beauty AIDS takes away from us all. Museums, organizations, galleries, and artists across the country participate in the event. They cover their pieces, shutter their doors, and honor the lives we miss due to AIDS. 

Throughout the day, organizations will promote awareness, prevention, testing, treatments, and research. Candlelight vigils will keep the memory of friends and family. 


Learn more about the movement. Join in raising awareness and educating the public about HIV and AIDS. Use #DayWithoutArt to post on social media.


Visual AIDS launched Day Without Art on December 1, 1989, as the national day of action and mourning in response to the AIDS crisis. Visual AIDS has initiated numerous projects to provide awareness and education regarding the prevention of AIDS, care of those who suffer, and to celebrate the lives and achievements of those who have been lost to AIDS.BIFOCALS AT THE MONITOR LIBERATION DAY – December 1



Each year, Bifocals at the Monitor Liberation Day encourages you to free yourself from blurry images. It’s observed annually on December 1.

Freedom comes in the form of an eye exam. Getting your eyes checked is essential to routine eye care. Whether or not you need bifocals, our vision changes over time. Regular eye care includes more than getting glasses. It’s also part of taking care of our overall health. Deteriorating vision can be an early indicator of other health issues. Getting vision exams on a regular schedule helps doctors to identify problems in their early stages.

Another way to recognize the day is to step away from the computer and give your eyes a break. Too much computer time can tire our eyes. Make sure your settings aren’t too bright and there’s no glare coming from a window or other light source. Adjusting font settings on your computer can also reduce strain.

HOW TO OBSERVE #BifocalsAtTheMonitorLiberationDay

Get an eye exam and see clearer. Find a vision provider near you here. If you use a computer throughout the day, be sure to incorporate breaks to give your eyes a rest. Your eyes will thank you. 

Use #BifocalsAtTheMonitorLiberationDay to post on social media.


Thomas and Ruth Roy at Wellcat.com created Bifocals at the Monitor Liberation Day.

On Deck for December 2, 2020

National Days

International Days


December 1st History


The Ford Motor Company introduces the first moving assembly line as the company begins manufacturing the Model T.


Rosa Parks’ refused to yield her bus seat to a white passenger. Parks was arrested and civil rights leaders held a bus boycott in Montgomery, Alabama that lasted 381 days.


Starring Eddie Murphy and Judge Reinhold, the comedy Beverly Hills Cop directed by Martin Brest premieres in Los Angeles.


A rare alignment of eight planets in our solar system took place beginning on December 1st until December 8th. The planets Pluto, Mercury, Mars, Venus, Neptune, Uranus, Jupiter, and Saturn lined up for viewing. While most of the planets can be seen with the naked eye, to see them all, a telescope was necessary.

Recipe of the Day

Pan Fried Onion Slices
Prep:  5 minutes
Cook:  10 minutes
Servings:  4


2 large onions (9 to 11 ounces each), peeled and sliced 1/2-inch thick
1 to 2 tablespoons vegetable oil
4 tablespoons grated Parmesan cheese
1/4 teaspoon oregano, crushed
Pepper to taste


Pan-fry onion slices in large skillet 8 to 10 minutes or until onions are tender; turn halfway through cooking time.

Sprinkle slices with cheese, oregano and pepper and heat until cheese melts.

December 1st Birthdays

Black Elk – 1863

A member of the Oglala Lakota Sioux tribe, Black Elk witnessed the Battle of the Little Big Horn. He was a respected medicine man and was wounded during the Wounded Knee Massacre on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota.

Rex Stout – 1886

The mystery writer created two memorable characters – detective Nero Wolfe and assistant Archie Goodwin. The mysteries have been turned into television series several times, too.

Woody Allen – 1935

The award-winning director, writer, and comedian is known for his high-class, self-deprecating, honest humor. Some of his films include Annie Hall, Midnight in Paris, Hannah and Her Sisters, and Irrational Man.

Jerry Lawson – 1940

In the 1970s, the engineer worked for Fairchild Industries, Inc. He was a pioneer developing gaming cartridges and in 1976 the company introduced the product Lawson played a key role in developing – Fairchild Channel F. The cartridges led to versatile gaming console technology with broader concepts.

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