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DEAR DIARY DAY – September 22

DEAR DIARY DAY – September 22


Dear Diary, on September 22nd each year, we celebrate the way you help us document our lives. On Dear Diary Day write an extra entry. For those who don’t keep a diary, consider starting one.   

Also known as journaling, studies have shown expressing our thoughts in a written form every day reduces anxiety and stress. It also broadens our vocabulary and language skills.    

By writing our stressors out on paper or tapping them out on the computer, we organize our thoughts and develop tools for dealing with our everyday struggles. Through long-term journaling and diary-keeping, we focus our energy on resolving issues and achieving goals. Over time, a diary can offer many rewards including memories. We can see our successes and learn from our mistakes. 

But diaries aren’t just for reducing stress. They offer us a glimpse into how we change and remind us of events long forgotten. Diaries also offer a reference for future generations. While many may think of diaries as a place to keep precious secrets, they also provide a look at how life has changed from one generation to another. They serve as a reminder of ways long forgotten, words no longer in use or attitudes that were once acceptable.


Write a special entry in your diary and take a look back. See how your diary has progressed. If you have one, consider starting one. Explore published diaries of notable people. Share your favorite entry and use #DearDiaryDay to post on social media.


Thomas and Ruth Roy at Wellcat.com created Dear Diary Day. 

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