May 23rd celebrates a mouth-watering confection on National Taffy Day. Taffy candy has been made and sold for many years and has become a favorite souvenir of many vacationers.

Salt water taffy in was invented 1883 in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

This confection is made with boiled sugar and butter that is stretched and pulled until it is a chewy consistency that can be rolled and cut. The flavors range from buttery to tart to sweet. There is a flavor for everyone, and it seems like they introduce a new one each year, too. Taffy’s colorful displays tantalize children and adults alike. And they have been doing so for generations. At one time, candy shops and pharmacies sold penny candy and taffy was one of the many tempting options we could choose from. However, those days are now long gone.

With summer just around the corner, seasonal candy shops are stocking up their latest selections. With so many flavors to choose from, it’s often hard to decide which ones to pick. That’s why they often offer flavors swirled together to help us narrow it down. But we’re still enticed by the variety and the colors.

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What’s your favorite flavor of taffy? Be sure to enjoy a piece or two. While you’re at it share a favorite memory or send a box to someone you know will enjoy some taffy. Give a shout out to your favorite candy shop, too! Use #NationalTaffyDay to post on social media.


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