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National Ferret Day - April 2


On April 2nd, Hob and Jill went up the hill with their little Kits to celebrate National Ferret Day because that’s some serious business.  Male ferrets are called Hobs and female ferrets are called Jills.  Their offspring are called Kits. The whole family is called a Business. A part of the mustelid family, ferrets are carnivores and are joined by the otter, badger, weasel, marten, mink and wolverine.

They are quite crafty hunters and have been domesticated for over 2,000 years for just that purpose.  Used to “ferret” out and kill mostly vermin that would otherwise grow out of control, ferrets were a useful tool. Their razor sharp teeth are definitely those of a carnivore.

These wildly, curious creatures have been recently domesticated as pets in the last few decades.  While their skill in the wild may have been considered masterful, as a pet they can be a mischievous handful if not properly trained.  Highly intelligent, they can be trained to do an assortment of tricks and to use a litter box.  A social animal, they do require attention and preferably a ferret companion.

Like other mustelids, ferrets have scent glands that produce a musky, often offensive odor.


Learn more about ferrets.  Use #NationalFerretDay to post on social media.


While National Ferret Day has been celebrated for decades by ferret lovers across the country, it wasn’t officially recognized until Carol Roche of New York and the American Ferret Association made it possible. In 2014, National Ferret Day was officially recognized in Chase’s Calendar of Events.

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