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National Day Of The Gong - June 21NATIONAL DAY OF THE GONG

National Day of the Gong on June 21 honors and celebrates the Gong’s unique history and capacities among instruments of sound, music, creativity and healing.

Mighty and gentle; earthy and celestial, the Gong is an extraordinary instrument and conduit of Creation. With an extensive international cultural history, the Gong is versatile and engaging. It sounds super-sensory and multi-dimensional. Gongs come in an array of sizes, designs and origins, thanks to skilled artisans all over the World.

Stonehenge of Texas in Ingram

Expanding beyond typical applications, the Gong has become a profound presence within a delightful diversity of performances, ceremonies and events, as well as modalities for the Mind-Body-Spirit. Traditional and contemporary musicians, artists and facilitators play and incorporate the Gong into imaginative and effective spectrums of expression,

experience and purpose.


EnJoy, Explore, Create, Collaborate on this powerful and playful day of celebrating the Gong, its fascinating Sounds, Vibrations and Work in the World! Use #DayOfTheGong to share your experiences on social media.

Anne Marie Dorsa of Gong to Go performing at the Texas State Capitol


GongtoGo.com founded National Day of the Gong to celebrate the extraordinary ways the Gong can impact the Mind, Body and Spirit.

Since 2009, GongtoGo.com has been taking the Gong where no Gong has gone before. Dedicated to expanding the outreach and applications of the Gong, Anne Marie enthusiastically shares her Gong in unique, engaging, accessible and transformational ways. Her tagline for GongtoGo.com is: The Gong is more than a dramatic effect: the effects are dramatic~!

Anne Marie Dorsa
Central Texas…and Beyond~!

The Registrar at National Day Calendar proclaimed the National Day of the Gong to be observed annually on June 21 in 2017.

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