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DAYLIGHT SAVING TIME – Second Sunday in March

 DAYLIGHT SAVING TIME – Second Sunday in March


Daylight Saving Time is currently put to use on the second Sunday in March in the USA.  The practice is designed to give people an extra hour of sunlight in the evening hours.  This is done by setting the clock ahead one hour at a predetermined date each year.


Be sure to turn your clocks forward and use #DaylightSavingTime or #SpringForward to post on social media.


George Vernon Hudson from New Zealand proposed the modern version of daylight saving in 1895.  Germany and Austria-Hungary were the first countries to use it starting on 30 April 1916.

The energy crisis on the 1970s accelerated the growth of Daylight Saving Time.  It has been argued that more natural light in the evening hours uses less electricity due to less artificial lighting requirements.  Many retail shops and tourist attractions also enjoy more business.

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