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CLERGY APPRECIATION DAY – Second Sunday in October

Clergy Appreciation Day Second Sunday in October


Clergy Appreciation Day is observed on the second Sunday in October. It is a time to recognize the work of ministers, pastors, and priests in the United States. This national day also falls in National Clergy Month, which is observed each October.

Many congregations take up a special offering on this day to bless their pastors. Others use the entire month of October to find different means to bless the leaders with meals, gifts and even paid vacations.


Thank your clergy for the work they do. Give them a shout out using the hashtag #ClergyAppreciationDay and post to your social media accounts. Encourage others to do the same. Being a pastor or other clergy member has it’s good days, and bad, yet all leaders need to be recognized for the work and efforts.

Be sure you also personally thank them for all they do to help you and your family!


Clergy Appreciation Day was originally called Clergy Appreciation National Day of Honor.  The day was started by Hallmark Cards in 1992.  Many people also refer to the day as Pastor Appreciation Day.

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