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CAT HERDERS DAY – December 15

CAT HERDERS DAY – December 15


Cat Herders Day is observed annually on December 15. 

This holiday is for those of us whose life or job is like herding cats. 

They seem cute, adorable and innocent. How much trouble can they cause? In general, when describing our lives or our jobs, are they that difficult?  No matter how organized we try to be, errant kitties get away. While we are focused on bringing three or four tasks into line, another spills the milk or creates an avalanche of problems.  Before we know it, chaos ensues. 

In the employment world, we might describe a position challenging to keep filled “like herding cats.”


Share how your life might be like herding cats. Use #CatHerdersDay to post on social media.


Cat Herders Day was created by Thomas and Ruth Roy from Wellcat.com.

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