Better Conversations Week - Week of Thanksgiving
(Last Updated On: November 9, 2022)


As Thanksgiving approaches, Better Conversations Week aims to help us have more meaningful conversations with the people in our lives.

The week is ideally position during the week of Thanksgiving. As family’s gather, the holiday season ushers in anxiety for some who find small talk difficult. The week focuses on the awkward silences, the odd transitions, and topic starters. When we surround ourselves with small and large groups, sometimes even joining the conversation becomes tricky.

Most of our conversations take place in casual settings. Most of us don’t speak in front of crowds for any length of time. However, talking to co-workers, family, and friends in a group can still be difficult for some.

Some ways to get the conversation started include:

Listen – While listening seems to be an obvious tool, it’s essential to a good discussion. If you tune out and don’t hear a question or another speaker’s story, you might be missing out. Of course, if you’ve listened to the story ten times before, be polite and allow others to hear it for the first time.

Ask a question –  Around the holidays, there’s usually someone new added to the group. Even if there isn’t, there’s always something you can ask to get a conversation started. For example, asking a cousin if they know Aunt Jo’s secret to smooth mashed potatoes could garner stories, explanations, or even demonstrations. Anything could happen.

Longer answers – One or two-word answers tend to feel abrupt. Lengthen your answer by using a couple of descriptive adjectives or adverbs. Expand the answer to two sentences to provide elaboration. By elaborating, you might engage more than one person, and spur-on new, more exciting topics.

Offer assistance – Whether it’s in the kitchen or hauling chairs, conversations can begin with those enlisted to help. Busy hands allow a conversation to flow a little better, easing any nervous tension.

Share something new – When exciting news or changes in lifestyle occur, they’re usually perfect tops of conversation. New hobbies, jobs, or travel generate topics of discussion.

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In 2002, Loren Ekroth founded Better Conversations Week the week of Thanksgiving to promote enjoyable and meaningful conversations between friends and family.


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