Be Kind to Humankind Week - Last Week in August
(Last Updated On: November 9, 2022)


Be Kind To Humankind Week is observed the last week in August. Founder Lorraine Jara was inspired to create Be Kind To Humankind Week (BK2HK) by a sad story of two men involved in a boating accident from her hometown. The two men clung to life while other boaters passed them by because they didn’t want to get involved. One of the men eventually died. Lorraine decided to honor the memory of the deceased young man by creating a week to encourage kindness among people. Many have recognized her for her efforts, including entertainers like Oprah Winfrey and Paul Simon as well as several U.S. Presidents.

Be Kind to Humankind Week (BK2HK) is an annual celebration of kindness that is recognized globally from August 25th-31st each and every year. It is basically “a week of reflection and kind thoughts of others to make this world a better place. Of course we suggest practicing kindness daily, but this is the week you can take.” – Lorraine Jara

The entire week of BK2HK celebrates each day specifically guiding people on how they can be a kinder human being to others during that day. Here is a breakdown of each day of the week with suggestions on what you can do to be kind to others:

  • Sacrifice Our Wants For Others’ Needs Sunday – Show others you care. Do you know someone who is unable to leave the house due to health issues? Offer to run errands or pick up groceries. Then stay for a visit. Friends with limited mobility enjoy offers of companionship for a walk in the fresh air. Even an opportunity to see family in a nursing home will help to meet others’ needs.
  • Motorist Consideration Monday – Drive or travel courteously. Whether traveling by car or motorcycle, bicycle or public transportation, practice consideration and patience.
  • Touch-A-Heart Tuesday – Spread kindness, one heart at a time. Encourage others in their dreams and goals. Offer to babysit for a couple you know so they can have a night for themselves.
  • Willing-To-Lend-A-Hand Wednesday – Offer a helping hand. Offer to watch a neighbor’s house while they are on vacation and water their lawn and feed their pets. Offering to give a friend a ride to work is also a way to help.
  • Thoughtful Thursday – Treat each other well. Offer your bus seat to someone who looks like they may need to sit down. If you’re out shopping allow someone with fewer items to cut in front of you at the checkout.
  • Forgive-Your-Foe Friday – Come together. Contact the person in your life with whom you’ve let a disagreement divide you. The power of a sincere apology is worth more to an individual than never resolving issues.
  • Speak-Nice-Words Saturday – Say something nice. Hold your tongue when tempted to be harsh. Teach your children to speak kindly towards others and they will grow into friendly, respectful adults.


Spread the word about Be Kind To Humankind Week by organizing events for your community. Share your own experiences with kindness.

Use #BeKindToHumankind or #BK2HK in social media.


Be Kind To Humankind was created in August of 1988 by Lorraine Jara in Toms River, New Jersey.


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