Bat Appreciation Month - October


October is the perfect time to recognize Bat Appreciation Month. 

These winged mammals are drawn to invasive insects like teenagers to a vampire movie. They devour them just as quickly as the made teens poured through the pages of the trilogy, too. And where would we be without the bats that pollinate our favorite fruits? Despite the bad rap they’ve received since 1897 when Bram Stoker wrote about the undead, bats demand respect.

Consider their ability to navigate with precision via echolocation. They are also one of the largest and longest living species on earth. Even the smallest at approximately one inch is appropriately named the Bumblebee Bat. Add to their unique charm the ability to sleep upside down, that they are the only mammals able to fly, and bats are downright savvy.  These fascinating creatures live everywhere humans live and yet manage to avoid us quite well.  

While the bat continues to fascinate and often frighten some, it maintains its status as an asset to agriculture. They are also a non-invasive species and a source of natural pest control. 


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We were not able to identify the origin of Bat Appreciation Month