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AMERICAN FAMILY DAY – First Sunday in August

AMERICAN FAMILY DAY – First Sunday in August


American Family Day on the First Sunday in August is a perfect occasion to enjoy the waning summer rays with those dearest to us. Established as a day encouraging families to spend time with one another, the Day was specifically proclaimed to avoid gifts and to focus on family relationships.


Enjoy your family! Play games outdoors or go for a walk.  Pick up some fresh fruit and visit grandparents.  Post on social media using #AmericanFamilyDay to encourage others to join in paying it forward.


Now annually celebrated across the United States on the first Sunday in August, this day began as a 1-year proclamation signed by Governor Raul Castro, declaring August 7, 1977, as American Family Day.  The following year, Governor Bruce Babbit signed American Family Day into law as an official Arizona holiday.

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