AMERICAN EDUCATION WEEK – Week Before Thanksgiving

American Education Week - Week Before Thanksgiving
(Last Updated On: November 9, 2022)


Schools across the country participate in American Education Week during the week before Thanksgiving.

The week promotes collaboration between parents and educators. Across the country, schools host events under a theme proposed by the National Education Association (NEA). Within those themes, educators provide a look at their practices, technology, and goals.

Throughout the week, schools involve their students in the celebration, too. Whether they design posters or demonstrate technology, their role is vital to recognize how far education has come. It also focuses on the needs of each community. While band students perform a concert, others will discuss areas that need improvement in their schools. Parents and guardians are encouraged to become more involved in supporting public education.

The program also promotes the public education system – its goals, successes, and outcomes. Through the event, students and those who support them honor those who have made a difference in education.

HOW TO OBSERVE #AmericanEducationWeek

Learn what events your schools are hosting. Visit your child’s classroom and participate in the activities. Find out where your child’s educational system is headed. Learn how you can be a part of their goals. Dive into the technologies educators use to teach and inspire.

Attend presentations honor those who’ve advanced education in your community. Get involved in your school. Fostering a network of support improves education for everyone.

Schools, share your events and projects. Invite parents and guardians to attend. Welcome them to the celebration.

Visit to learn more about opportunities for your school.


After World War I, three organizations joined efforts to improve literacy and physical education across the country. Draft boards had reported that 25 percent of the drafted young men were illiterate and 29 percent unfit. Members of the American Legion, the U.S. Office of Education, National Education Association created a plan for a national observance. In 1921, they launched National Education Week during the first week in December.

Since then, the focus of the observance has changed. Where once the celebration aimed to eliminate illiteracy and improve physical fitness, the week evolved to incorporate new themes and goals.

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