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AMERICAN EDUCATION WEEK – Week Before Thanksgiving

American Education Week - Week Before Thanksgiving


The week before Thanksgiving, recognize the outstanding work of the public school system.

Every person who participates in the facilitation of a public school is vital to its success. From the bus drivers and cafeteria personnel to school board members, teachers and secretaries. The people who keep the school running and clean, stocked and a well-oiled machine make sure students are safe and able to attend class even and receive the best possible education.

Let’s not forget the parents and students. The students are at the center of every school and the parents an essential ingredient.

All combined, these elements make for successful students and exceptional schools.


Visit your public schools and take an active part in how they function and grow.  Learn how you can become a volunteer or participant in local activities or help improve your school. Visit your school district’s website for events surrounding the week and use #AmericanEducationWeek to share on social media.


American Education Week has its roots as a literacy program and fitness program. During World War I, draft boards recorded that 25 percent of the men drafted were unable to read. Statistics also showed that 29 percent were out of shape. Three organizations began planning for a national observance to combat illiteracy and improve physical fitness. The American Legion, the U.S. Office of Education and the National Education Association held the first observance of National Education Week in 1921.

Since then, the National Education Association continues to promote awareness of the contributions of our schools and those who dedicate their lives to providing a quality education to every student.

November 18-22, 2019
November 16-20, 2020
November 15-19, 2021
November 14-18, 2022
November 20-24, 2023
November 18-22, 2024
November 17-21, 2025
November 23-27, 2026
November 22-26, 2027
November 20-24, 2028
Novmember 19-23, 2029


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