AMERICAN CRAFT BEER WEEK – Second Full Week in May

American Craft Beer Week - Second Full Week in May
(Last Updated On: November 9, 2022)


American Craft Beer Week celebrates independent brewers and small breweries around the country. More and more, these small businesses bring a unique flavor to the light and dark beers and everything in between. Not only that, but they employ thousands of employees in communities right where we live. Their dedication to their craft keeps their hometowns vibrant.

They also keep us coming back for more with their unparalleled style and taste. Most breweries offer excellent food pairings to go with their brews. They’re familiar with the local farmers and showcase their products as well. Local brewers are often proud of where they live and work, and it shows in the products and services they provide.

Each one keeps the tap flowing with a variety of craft beers brewed locally. While they may be influenced by a brewer’s interests, flavors, and preferences, they’re crafted and created in American hometowns all across the country.

HOW TO OBSERVE #AmericanCraftBeerWeek

Visit a local brewery or order from an independent brewer. Ask for a tour or purchase gift cards. Sample a flight and pick your favorite. Give a shoutout to your favorite local craft brewer, too. They’re masters of the trade. Many have spent years perfecting their recipes, going to trade shows and competitions. Ask for their award winners or their latest brew. Let them brag and then let them brag some more! Then it will be your turn to brag about your hometown brewmasters. Use #AmericanCraftBeerWeek to share on social media.


The Brewers Association launched American Craft Beer Week in 2006 through to support craft breweries and the independent brewers who work their magic into every barrel.




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