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Co-Host Anna Devere
Marlo Anderson
Co-Host Marlo Anderson

Now more than ever people love good news! Join our hosts Anna Devere and Marlo Anderson as we celebrate our National Days. For 2 minutes and 30 seconds, we transport listeners through the back-stories and give them the inside scoop on these fun and unusual days!

There’s a reason we are followed by more than 20,000 media outlets, who feature us in their articles and reports. National Days trend more than 450 times on social media every year and the impressions can reach over a billion in a single day. Align your brand with the number one trending topic of all time and leverage the power of organic reach!

You already use National Day Calendar as a source for prepping your daily shows.  Now we are giving you the opportunity to monetize National Day Calendar in your local markets.

The FREE 2 minute 30 second daily feed is already playing in many markets around the country.  We will also provide a calendar at least 3 months out so your sales staff can sell ads around the National Day Calendar Radio Short.

Click on the play button below to hear a sample.

Simply fill out the form for your radio station to subscribe.  If you wish, we will also create custom ads for you to promote National Day Calendar.

Meet the Hosts!


Anna Devere

Anna currently lives in Las Vegas. As a singer/song writer and storyteller, Anna believes in the power of empathy and compassion to change the world around her. Co-hosting The National Daily fuels her passion for fun, adventure and giving back.

Highlighting good news and the amazing things people do has a ripple effect that is vital today. I am so happy to be an Ambassador for Joy.

Anna has also made a career in advertising/marketing, entertainment, and singing with the Grammy Award winning Saints Unified Voices directed by Gladys Knight.

Marlo Anderson

Marlo lives in Mandan, ND and as the founder of National Day Calendar he enjoys building the Celebrate Every Day community wherever he goes. His own journey as a serial entrepreneur has given Marlo a passion for coaching start-ups and his Social Daze course teaches companies of every size the power of leveraging trending topics.

Known on terrestrial radio as “The Guru of Geek” his show The Tech Ranch features ”Living With Technology,” a topic that has led Marlo to cover CES for the past few decades. Marlo is also the founder of Pakkage, Zoovio, Awesome 2 Products and numerous community and civic projects.

We look forward to working with you.  If you are subscribing for more than one station, please include the call letters for all stations below.

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