Absolutely Incredible Kid Day | Third Thursday in March
(Last Updated On: March 9, 2023)


Every year on the third Thursday in March, Absolutely Incredible Kids Day encourages adults to tell kids how absolutely incredible they are. Take the challenge a step further and WRITE it down in a letter to that absolutely incredible kid.


Children are amazing creatures. Their ability to learn, adapt and bring joy to the world is never-ending. Did you ever receive something in the mail as a child? Maybe it was a birthday card or a letter from grandma. Do you remember your face lighting up like a summer’s day? Of course, it did! Just the act of receiving a letter just for them makes a child feel important. And when the letter tells them just how amazing they are or how someone noticed the kind deed they did, receiving a letter becomes an even bigger reward.

Take out a piece of paper and write down all the ways a child in your life shines. Tell them in a personal letter how much you appreciate them. Encourage them to keep doing big things, and they will change the world!


  • Tell the kids in your life why you think they are incredible, amazing, inspiring, or just plain terrific!
  • Make them feel even more important and write it down in a letter. How many kids do you know? They all deserve some encouragement, so make sure they get it from you.
  • Create a post about an amazing child you know.
  • Catch a child in the act of doing something incredible.
  • Let them overhear you giving them some praise.
  • Use #AbsolutelyIncredibleKidDay to share stories about amazing kids on social media.


In 1996, Camp Fire launched Absolutely Incredible Kid Day encouraging adults and organizations to support a letter-writing campaign that tells kids just how absolutely incredible they are.

Absolutely Incredible Kid FAQ

Q. Can anyone participate on this day?
A. Yes. While you might not have kids of your own, everyone knows an incredible kid. It may be a niece or nephew, the neighbor, your best friend or co-worker’s child, or a member of your church.

Q. What do I say to an absolutely incredible kid?
A. Tell an absolutely incredible kid why you think they’re absolutely incredible. Some things that make absolutely incredible kids are:

  • Positive – Some kids see the bright side of any situation. This kind of approach to life will serve them well!
  • Kind – These kids go out of their way to be helpful and always have a kind word for others.
  • Intelligent – Ever meet someone who amazes you with their ability to understand complex subjects? They are absolutely incredible kids, too.
  • Teachers – These are the kids who love to show others how to be better. It may be teaching someone younger to do a layup or helping with math homework. Either way, they’re absolutely incredible!
  • Volunteers – On Saturday mornings, these kids are out helping others, their community, and classmates.
  • Leaders – They rally a diverse group of their peers to do just about anything.
  • Strong – Despite trials in their life, these kids endure and persevere.

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