9 Reasons Gardening Improves Our Lives

9 Reasons Gardening Improves Our Lives
(Last Updated On: September 25, 2020)

9 Reasons Gardening Improves Our Lives

9 Reasons Gardening Improves Our Lives

9 Reasons Gardening Improves Our Lives – The bright colors of blossoms bring joy in more ways than one. But sometimes we need a few more reasons to motivate us to create our own garden. Whether we create a small balcony oasis or tend to a larger landscape, we have 9 reasons for you to dig into gardening. 

9. Create a retreat –

Your yard, patio, or balcony will become your sanctuary. The place you cultivated becomes a place of comfort, peace, and tranquility surround by greenery and blossoms.

8. Stock the kitchen –

Fresh herbs and vegetables make you look like a 5-star chef. The bright colors and flavors will have everyone raving about your latest dish.

7. Curb appeal –

Gardening improves your home’s good looks. Beautiful flowers and a well-kept garden speaks volumes about the green thumb living within.

6. Pollinator sanctuary –

Including a wildflower garden or an orchard as part of your landscape provides a place for pollinators to improve your garden. Not only are wildflowers and fruit trees beautiful, but pollinators are vital to our food supply. As a result, gardeners play an essential role, too.

5. Co-op gardening, neighborhood plots and seeing neighbors across the garden gate improves our moods. Fresh vegetables and flowers do wonders for more than our bodies; When we’re able to socialize during an activity we enjoy, our mental health is improved, too.

4. Health Benefits –

When it comes to gardening as a health benefit, digging into the soil and exposing our hands to nature’s elements is an excellent way to boost our immune system.

3. Natural Sunlight – 
While another benefit of outdoor gardening is increased vitamin D, be sure to wear that sunscreen! Also, getting out into the sun is good for our mental health, too.

2. Productive Exercise –

Gardening increases our physical activity. Depending on the size of our garden, we can spend upwards of 2-3 hours outdoors a few days a week keeping our muscles strong and flexible. At times, we can even reach a vigorous level to meet the needs of our heart to improve cardiovascular health.


1. Fruits and Vegetables –

Obviously, gardening improves our diets. At a minimum, we should be consuming five servings of fruits and vegetables a day, and having them on our patio, balcony, or in our backyard makes accessing those servings so much easier.

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