9 Fun Outdoor Winter Activities
(Last Updated On: January 27, 2022)


9 Fun Outdoor Winter Activities – Some have said that the best activity to do in the winter is to go back inside. This might be true if it’s windy and the temperature is well below zero. However, when the weather is not life-threatening, it’s good to get outside in the winter to enjoy the fresh air and snow. But what can you actually do once you bundle up and get outside?

Here are 9 fun outdoor winter activities:

1. Make Snow Angels

Making snow angels requires you to actually lay down in the snow. For this reason, it’s best to wear snow pants! To make a snow angel, lie down on your back. Then, move your arms and legs like you’re doing a jumping jack. Carefully stand up and admire your snow angel! If you’re really creative, you paint or decorate your snow angel.

2. Build a Snowman

Did you know that snow can either be dry or wet? Dry snow is usually loose and powdery. Wet snow, on the other hand, is sticky and more compactable. Wet, compactable snow is perfect for building a snowman. Simply form 3 balls of snow and stack them on top of each other. You can give the snowman a face using rocks for the eyes and smile and a carrot for the nose. Don’t forget the twig arms and hat!

3. Build a Snow Fort

Wet snow is also great for building snow forts. Instead of making balls with the snow, you’ll want to make bricks. You can either plan out your snow fort before you start building or design it as you go. To ensure that your snow fort is impenetrable, you can pour water over the fort’s walls. You’ve now got a perfect place from which to engage in a snowball fight, which is another great winter activity.

4. Go Sledding

Don’t have a fancy sled? That’s ok, because even a homemade sled made out of cardboard will do just fine. Sledding downhill is lots of fun, and the bigger hill the better. Walking back up the hill is a great way to exercise.

5. Go Ice Skating

If you don’t know how to ice skate, many community skating rinks offer lessons. You can probably find an outdoor skating rink at your local park. If you live in the country, a frozen pond will do just fine.

6. Go Snowmobiling

Whether your buy or rent a snowmobile, this is an exhilarating way to enjoy the great outdoors in the winter. While snowmobiling, be sure to wear a helmet and follow all safety precautions. If you’re a beginner snowmobiler, you may want to take a snowmobile safety course.

7. Take a Walk

Walking is great exercise, especially in the winter. Winter walking burns more calories, activates the immune system, reduces stress, and rejuvenates the skin.

8. Snow Ski or Snowboard

Winter sports are a great way to enjoy snowy, wintry weather. Two very popular outdoor sports include skiing and snowboarding. You don’t have to live near the mountains to enjoy these activities, either. Many communities have steep enough hills that make perfect ski and snowboard areas.

9. Enjoy a Bonfire

Bonfires aren’t just for summer. In fact, bonfires are a wonderful way to spend time outside in the winter. Bonfires are even more enjoyable at night. If the sky is nice and clear, it’s a great time to stargaze. If you live in the right part of the world, you might even get to see a light show, thanks to the aurora borealis.

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