9 Tasty Nuts From Around The World
(Last Updated On: October 29, 2021)


9 Delicious Nuts from Around the World – You probably think you know what a nut is, right? But did you know that true nuts are actually a fruit? And that what you may call a nut, isn’t a nut at all? Almonds, cashews, and pistachios are actually drupes. However, they are sometimes referred to as culinary nuts, which means they are edible. A real nut is made up of a hard shell and an edible seed.
Now that you’re clear on what a nut is, let’s look at 9 delicious nuts from around the world.

1. Beechnut

There are two main types of beechnuts. These include the American beech and European beech. However, only the American beechnut is consumed by humans. Beechnuts are also popular snacks for chipmunks and deer mice. Producers primarily use the European beechnut to extract edible oil.

2. Chestnuts

In the United States, chestnuts are usually associated with the holiday season. However, many people cook with these delicious nuts all year round. You don’t even have to roast them on an open fire! The two different kinds of Chestnuts include Chinese chestnuts and Sweet chestnuts.

3. Karuka

Also known as a Pandanus nut, Karuka is native to Papua New Guinea. Wild Karuka provides an important food source in villages at higher altitudes in New Guinea. These nuts are more nutritious than coconuts.

4. Palm Nut

This nut is an important food source for the Himba people in Africa. This indigenous group of people lives in Northern Namibia. The palm nut tastes both sweet and tart. Some people say it tastes like a combination of a pineapple and apricot.

5. Yellow Walnut

Native to Australia, the yellow walnut is a staple food among indigenous tribes. The tree that yellow walnuts come from is popular for construction and decoration, too.

6. Ginkgo Nuts

This type of nut is known as a gymnosperm. This means the seed doesn’t have an enclosure. Ginkgo nuts are the only gymnosperm that don’t come from evergreen trees. Used primarily in Chinese cooking, ginkgo nuts are low in fat and protein but high in Vitamin C.

7. Pine Nuts

Pine nuts are a gymnosperm that people use in salads. This type of nut is also commonly used to make pesto. Different species of pine nuts are found throughout Asia, Mexico, and the United States.

8. Brazil Nuts

These highly valued edible nuts provide an excellent dietary source of selenium. Known as a nutritional powerhouse, Brazil nuts are known to reduce inflammation, support brain function, and improve thyroid function. Also known as Amazon nuts, Brazil nuts grow primarily in Peru, Bolivia, and Brazil.

9. Macadamia

Native to Australia, the Macadamia nut is also grown in Hawaii. People usually eat macadamia nuts raw or roasted. Macadamia nuts also make other foods taste even more delicious. This nut is especially popular in waffles, cookies, biscotti, and hummus.

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