7 Delicious Juicy Lucy Burgers in Minnesota

7 Delicious Juicy Lucy Burgers in Minnesota
(Last Updated On: February 22, 2022)

7 Delicious Juicy Lucy Burgers in Minnesota

Minnesota is known as the home of the Juicy Lucy burger. Also known as the Jucy Lucy, the ground beef is stuffed with cheese and grilled to perfection. Two Minnesota restaurants lay claim to creating the burger. Both located in Minneapolis, Matt’s Bar and the 5-8 Club offer up authentic Juicy Lucys but they aren’t the only burger joints in the state. No matter who created it, Minnesota claims it with aplomb. Restaurants and pubs across the state put their own spin on the Lucy, mixing up the cheese, adding some spice and flair. We explored the state to find 7 Delicious Juicy Lucy Burgers so that you can find one when you’re passing through on your way to visit us at National Day Calendar!

1. Crooked Pint – Duluth

Meander north and visit Duluth. You’ll find a bit of Canadian fusion on Crooked Pint’s burger menu. The Poutine Lucy combines American cheese and cheese curds with beef gravy. The Crooked Pint’s menu probably has the most unique Juicy Lucys of any menu. PB & Bacon Lucy and Beer Cheese Lucy grabbed our attention.

2. B-52 Burger – Inver Grove Heights and Lakeville

The B-52’s Lucy is stuffed with both American and cheddar cheese so that it’s as ooey-gooey as possible! Topped with caramelized onions, this burger requires one of their signature shakes to wash it down!

3. The Nook – Saint Paul

If you like choices, The Nook offers five variations on the Lucy. For example, The Spanish Fly combines beef and chorizo. The cheese? What else would you expect but queso Blanco, of course!

4. Bar 209 – Bemidji

If you can resist the other menu items, then you’ll enjoy a classic Juicy Lucy at Bar 209 in Bemidji. Save room for their delicious cheesecake, too!

5. The Breeze In – Duluth

The Breeze Inn offers some mouth-watering variety! In fact, they offer seven different Juicy Lucys so you can eat a different one every day of the week. We suggest starting with the Juicy Hawaiian or the Paddy’s Rueben Melt.

6. Lucy’s Burgers – Blaine & Whitebear Township

It should come as no surprise to find a restaurant named Lucy’s Burgers on a list about Juicy Lucys. And this is where you find unique Lucys like Yum Yum Lucy and French Onion Soup Lucy. Eat ’em up!

7. Streetcar Burgers – Duluth

If you love blue cheese, then Streetcar Burgers in Duluth offers diners the Blucy Lucy. Don’t worry, though. The original Lucy stuffed with cheddar cheese is on their menu, too!

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