3 Tips for Long Commutes by Bike
(Last Updated On: September 25, 2020)


3 Tips for Long Commutes By Bike – Did you know that 870,000 people in the United States commute to work by bicycle? These people enjoy the many benefits of biking to work. Some of these benefits include saving money on gas, getting exercise, and avoiding traffic jams. If your work is miles away, you might not have ever thought about commuting by bike. However, many people commute up to 10 miles to work. Some people even commute up to 30 miles by bike!

Are you up to the challenge of making a long commute by bike? If so, here are three tips that will help you do it.

1. Get the Right Bike

Not just any bike will do if you want to bike to work with a long commute. In order to go the distance, the first thing you want to do is get the right bike. Your best bet is to get a lightweight road bike. Your legs won’t have to work as hard on this kind of bike. A bike with multiple speeds is helpful if your commute involves hills.

Because you’re riding so many miles, you will also want to make sure your bike is as comfortable as possible. You can do this by going to a bicycle shop for a bike fit. Besides comfort, a bike fit will help prevent injuries. You might also want to purchase a flat kit in case you get a flat tire on the way to or from work.

2. Prepare Ahead of Time

There is a lot to think about in the morning while getting ready for work. If you have a long commute to work by bike, you should do as much preparation as possible the night before. Since you’ll be biking many miles in one day, you’re probably going to sweat. This means you might need to change into your work clothes when you arrive. Get your work clothes ready the night before.

Since you’ll want to bring along food and water, you can pack these up the night before as well. One more thing to do at night is to prepare your commuting playlist or save your favorite podcasts. Listening to something will make the ride go by more quickly.

3. Don’t Bike to Work Everyday

Just because you’ve decided to make the long commute to work by bike, doesn’t mean you have to do it every day. Some people only make the long commute by bike a couple of days a week. This helps to prevent biker burnout. Plus, on the days you decide to drive to work, you will look more forward to the days you get to bike. Not commuting every day also give you an out if the weather is bad.

If you do get tired of biking to work, try changing up your route regularly to keep it fun. If you have decided your commute is too long by bike, you can put your bike in your car, drive partway, and then bike the rest of the way.

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