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3 Best Poached Egg Videos on the Internet – National Day Calendar staff love poached eggs and egg holidays. So we reviewed several videos and identified our top 3 favorites.

Number 3 Best Poached Egg Videos

This video makes it into our top three because it’s easy. We live in the world of the easy button and need more time to Celebrate Every Day®. Are we right?


Number 2 Best Poached Egg Video

Now, we noticed a lot of people from the UK have the talent for making poached eggs, and you like to teach the world how to do it, too. Thanks for that. While we’re not so sure about the plastic wrap, perhaps it should be filed under the easy button, too. What we really loved, though, was her enthusiasm.


Number 1 Best Poached Egg Video

This couple not only made us laugh a few times, but they also explained everything really well. We think we could actually make poached eggs after watching their video. (And not need therapy afterward, either.) For those reasons, the get our number 1 pick.


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