21 Ways to Beat Boredom
(Last Updated On: September 25, 2020)

21 Ways to Beat Boredom

21 Ways to Beat Boredom – Every once in a while, we all get bored. Whether it’s with our routine or just one of those days where we don’t know what to do, boredom strikes. It happens to the best of us, and in honor of National Anti-Boredom Month in July, we have 21 simple ways to fight off boredom. We have something for every age group, and if you’re still bored after doing everything on the list, we recommend you start again.

1. Go for a walk

For most of us, it’s as easy as walking out the door. Besides giving our brains a break from whatever is boring us, walking is one of the best exercises there is. It’s low impact, gets our heart pumping, and requires no additional equipment other than some good shoes. As we get that oxygen flowing to our brain and other body parts, the boredom will slip away. We feel motivated to do…just about anything.

2. Take a nap

Sometimes a 15-minute catnap is all it takes to rest our weary brains. It’s also an alternative for those who found walking less than inspiring. Don’t take too long of a nap, though. Long naps can interrupt your sleep cycle or even make you feel foggy.

3. Learn a new skill

Whether it’s for work or a personal goal, tackling a new skill challenges us and keeps our minds sharp. We refocus our attention and come away feeling accomplished once we’ve mastered a unique ability. Consider something out of your comfort zone or just beyond your reach.

4. Try a new routine

Are you finding you’re bored around the same time every day or on the same day of the week? Shake up your routine by rearranging your schedule. Add a mid-day workout routine. If you go to the same place after work every day, change it up and try a new restaurant or pub. Take a different route to work in the morning. Mixing up your day will give you something to anticipate and will keep boredom at bay.

5.  Volunteer

Whether you use your talent to give back to the community or volunteer for your favorite charity, indulging in little civic duty connects us to our neighborhoods and the larger world around us. We often meet new people and experience a level of appreciation that is sure to keep boredom from sneaking back in.

6. Learn a new game

Challenge your brain by learning how to play a new card or board game. Competition excites many of us, and when the game is on the line, boredom doesn’t stand a chance. Besides, learning a new game allows us to interact with our friends and family. And who doesn’t like the thrill of competing against them!

7. Call someone

Call just about anyone you haven’t spoken to in a while. Visit, catch up, and find out what you’ve missed. Not everyone is on social media, and even those who are don’t post everything. So call a friend, former co-worker, or family member and strike up a conversation. Who knows where it might lead.

8. Meditate

For some, meditation is an acquired skill. However, once you learn a few basic techniques, meditation becomes a helpful ability to have. Whether you approach it as a time for prayer and spiritual growth or a way to relax, meditation has many health benefits.

9. Color

Take out the crayons and coloring books and color. You can also grab some chalk and head outside for some sidewalk art. Either way, coloring allows us to focus our attention on one purpose while stress and boredom drift away.

10. Update your rèsumè

If you’re going to be bored, you might as well make good use of the time. Besides, keeping your rèsumè updated may help you realize why you’re bored. Put some polish on it and have it ready in case you’re inspired to apply for that promotion.

11. Explore

Just getting out of the house often clears the cobwebs and allows boredom to fade. Don’t give it a chance. Stimulate your brain by exploring the worlds inside museums or get fresh air at the park. Hike the local trails or set out on an adventure.

12. Clean something

Whether it’s a closet, a cabinet, the trunk of the car, or an entire room, cleaning almost always ends with a moment of satisfaction.

13. Clean out your email

With your resumé updated and new clean space, it’s only logical to clean out your email, too. Get rid of the spam and old saved messages. It’s time. You know it is.

14. Weed the garden

Since we’re on a cleaning binge, you might as well make those flower beds look good, too. The physical activity doesn’t hurt a bit, either.

15. Clean out the file cabinet

Yes, we’re on a cleaning binge. However, do you need to save bank statements from 1998? Shred the things that can be tossed and make sure the rest is organized. Maybe even take time to scan some of those files.

16. Run through the sprinkler

No matter your age, cooling off on a hot day, feels good. Put on some shorts or your bathing suit and go dashing through the sprinkler. You might not need an entire list of 21 Ways to Beat Boredom after that.

17. Try a new recipe

Every once in a while, an inspired recipe catches our eye. We pin it or clip and save it for later. Well, later is now. Go to the kitchen (that you may have just cleaned) and get cooking!

18. Write a letter

We know this seems old fashioned, but this lost art isn’t really lost at all. Write a letter to a teacher who once inspired you. Send a postcard to a friend to brighten their day. Once you get writing, you might be surprised how good it feels. And we promise the receiver will be delighted you thought of them.

19. Take up a hobby

If you don’t already have one, the options are wide open. Painting, carpentry, knitting, or gardening are just a few hobbies to try.

20. Put together a puzzle

Once again, challenging our brain is an excellent way to keep boredom from taking over our life. Whether the puzzle is large or small, it will challenge you. It doesn’t have to be finished in one sitting, either. Puzzles fill those voids for days on end. Once you’re finished, donate it to a local nursing home, group home, or hospital so they can reap the benefits, too.

21. Make a list

If 20 items don’t scatter boredom to the four corners, then you will need the full list of 21 Ways to Beat Boredom. That means making lists. Shopping lists, birthday lists, and to-do lists are just a few places to start. Lists have a way of helping us stay or get organized. Maybe even make a list of lists.

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