11 Things to Say...Just Because
(Last Updated On: August 24, 2020)


11 Things to Say…Just Because – Do you only use words when it’s absolutely necessary? Maybe it’s just easier to send someone a text or e-mail. What would happen if you said something to someone when they weren’t expecting it? Today is the perfect day to say something…just because. If you’re not sure what to say, here are 11 great ideas.

1. Say Hello

Do you pass people by every day without even a glance in their direction? What do you think would happen if you said hello to each of these people? Whether it’s at work, on the sidewalk, in a grocery store, wherever you are. Say hello…just because.

2. Say I Love You

When is the last time you told your spouse you loved them? Has it been a while since you’ve spoken these words to your kids? Even if they haven’t done anything special, say I love you…just because.

3. Give a Compliment

Most people like to receive compliments. When you give someone a compliment, you’re telling them you appreciate a trait they have. Sometimes, you like how they look or behave. Whether you like their outfit, hair, positive attitude, smile, or the way they dance, tell them that…just because.

4. Say I Forgive You

Has someone wronged you? Have they hurt you? Whether they meant to or not, it’s best to forgive them and move on. Tell that person I forgive you…just because.

5. Say Thank You

It’s easy to take people for granted. Maybe your husband makes sure your vehicle is running smoothly. Or your friend always buys you coffee. Maybe you show your appreciation in other ways, but it doesn’t hurt to say thank you…just because.

6. Offer Encouragement

People don’t have to be struggling or going through a hard time to need encouragement. Everyone likes to hear that they are doing a great job or that they are a good friend. So offer them encouragement…just because.

7. Recite Something

Do you have a favorite poem, song, quote, passage of scripture, speech, or nursery rhyme? If you do, recite it…just because. You could also get together with a friend and take turns reciting something…just because.

8. Say Yes

Is “no” one of your favorite words? Maybe you don’t want to go to the restaurant your spouse picked. Or you always turn your friends down when they invite you to do something. Instead of no, try saying yes…just because.

9. Say Today Is a Good Day

Whether you’re a morning person or not, say “today is a good day”…just because.

10. Say Please

You probably tell your children to say please when they ask for something. Do you as an adult do the same? Saying please shows respect and consideration. It’s also nice to say please…just because.

11. Say a Prayer

There are a lot of reasons to pray. People pray for direction in life or they pray for others who are going through a hard time. But sometimes, there doesn’t need to be any reason at all. Say a prayer…just because.

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