10 Best Kolache Bakeries in Texas
(Last Updated On: January 28, 2022)


What do you think of when you think of Texas? A few things come to mind. The Alamo. Everything’s bigger in Texas. Football. How about kolaches? Pronounced ko-lah-chee, this pastry took root in Texas when Czech immigrants settled in Texas in the 1880s. They brought with them their culture, heritage, and food staples like the kolache. Czech families make kolaches with yeast dough and traditionally fill the pastry with fruit or cheese.

Another variation, a savory kolache called a klobasniki, turns the dough into a meal with sausage, ham, cheese, jalapenos, herbs, and spices. Everywhere you go in Texas, kolaches are on the menu. The kolache is so popular in Texas that communities like Victoria, Texas, host a Kolache Fest, and Burleson County crowns a Kolache Queen. While kolaches are found in other communities across the country, especially those with franchises like The Kolache Factory and The Village Bakery, the kolache’s unique heritage can be found in these 10 Best Kolache Bakeries in Texas.

1. B-Jo’s Czech Bakery – Hillje, TX

Hillje is a Czech community located in southeastern Texas. And B-Jo’s is located inside one of the community’s most prominent businesses – Prasek’s Family Smokehouse. The family-run business began as a home bakery when Betty Jo began baking cheese rolls to raise extra money. Today they bake many homemade pastries, including traditional kolaches in over a dozen flavors.

2. Bubbies Kolaches Kitchen and Bakery – College Station, TX

Located in East-Central Texas in the Brazos Valley, Bubbies Kolache Kitchen and Bakery is owned and operated by Dylan Darilek, and his passion for baking comes from his German/Czech grandmother, Georgia “Bubbie” Ann Stavinoha McBride. The bakery features fresh-baked kolaches and kolaches pies (important if you’re feeding a crowd or you’re really hungry for kolache).

3. Hruska’s – Ellinger, TX

Hruska’s is a family-owned bakery located between Austin and Houston and has been offering home-cooking since 1912. The kolaches satisfy the sweet hankering for the traditional pastry with seven varieties of cream cheese kolaches on top of the fruit ones. And two of them are made with puff pastry, adding to that flakey goodness we all crave.

4. Koala Kolache – Cypress, TX

This bakery owned and operated by Vatsana Souvannavong is full of spunk, creativity, and passion. Koala Kolache offers a variety of traditional and non-traditional Kolache combining flavors from many cultures into this delicious Czech pastry. And if you can’t get to Cypress, keep an eye out for their new ATM Vending Oven. Who knows where you might be able to get their fresh, hot kolaches next?

7. Kolache Haven – Denton, TX

Tucked into the northern end of Dallas/Fort Worth, Denton, Texas, is home to Kolache Haven. The veteran-operated establishment opened in 2008 and offers traditional kolaches and various signature meat kolaches. If you’re looking for a quick, tasty snack, go small with minis. However, if your stomach is as big as your eyes, go big with an armadillo.

6. Original Kountry Bakery – Schulenburg, TX

Clarence and Evelyn Besetsny tapped into their Czech and German roots to build the Original Kountry Bakery with homegrown ingredients. They opened their first business in 1979 and soon expanded and became known for their award-winning pastries. Alongside their fruit kolaches, the bakery also offers klobasniki, also known as pigs in a blanket.

8. Pearl Snap Kolaches – Fort Worth, TX

If you’re not familiar with the country-western shirts with pearl snaps, you might not understand the name of this bakery. However, this is Texas, where pearl snap pockets are essential. Friends Wade and Greg opened the Pearl Snap Kolaches after learning to make and testing numerous recipes. They offer both sweet and savory kolaches made with their very own recipes. They even have a Bavarian Cream Kolache!!!

9. The Kolache Shop –  Clute & Brazoria, TX

Many bakers develop their own recipes, and Kolache Shoppe owner Erwin Ahrens was no different. He drew inspiration from traditional recipes passed down from generation to generation. The business opened in 1970 and is now run by Randy & Lucy Hines. They cater to both the traditional sweet kolache and have also created some unique savory ones.

10. Weikel’s Bakery – La Grange, TX

Located between Austin and Houston on Highway 71, the bustling family-run business opened in 1929. They create a variety of Czech pastries, including kolaches and klobasniki. Their pastries can be found at four locations across Texas.

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