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(This page was revised in May 2022)

Congratulations on approval of your new observance! The next step is to create your article for your personal webpage. We will try to provide you with as much information as possible to create the perfect page for your observance.

The format of this article is designed much like the final version of your article. You will notice heading placement, style and layout are similar for all articles placed on our website. We follow a standard format throughout and do not stray from that format. In addition, we require a 750-word minimum with three main sections:

  1. Main Story and Introduction
  2. How to Observe/Celebration
  3. History


  • Describes the subject/celebration of the day.
    • A brief summary is about 20 words long.
  • The hashtag we will create be the hashtag for your observance. The hashtag:
    • Will be used as a subheading immediately after the 1st paragraph.
    • Should be as short as possible. Short hashtags are more effective on social media.
  • The story spotlights the subject/celebration from many angles: origins, benefits or Pop culture.
  • Your story cannot sound like an advertisement.
  • All stories are organic to reach as many readers as possible.
  • The introduction:
    • Will not contain the name of the the founder.
  • Fun facts are added here in a bullet format.


  • Bullet point format.
  • Exciting ways to celebrate.
  • Specials, deals, events.
  • Social media, websites, and hashtags.


  • Founder information goes here, including why the observance was founded.
  • National Day Calendar’s official proclamation goes here.
  • Other historical facts will be added here.
    • Timeline.
    • Important people.
  • Your logo will appear in this section. All logos:
    • We will reduced to a size to fit the article. Larger logos work best. Small logo size often results in a lesser quality image.
  • We will provide links to pages you provide as long as they fall within the guidelines of being a secure site.
  • Media Contact information.

National Day Calendar will write the article for your observance. We encourage you to provide information to us. However, we will arrange all content to fit our guidelines and rules. All information provided to us will be researched and verified.

Below, you will find additional information regarding you observance. We summarize other common questions you may have that have been asked in the past.

Your Branded Image

Every National Day has what we refer to as a branded image. A branded image is used across all platforms to draw attention to every day listed on our calendar.

You receive a branded image. We create the image using the theme of the new observance. Key points regarding the image are:

  • The image illustrates the theme of the day.
  • Images are selected by National Day Calendar staff and placed within our template.
  • All images are JPG or PNG format and are high quality.
  • We do not place logos, founder information or business names within the image.
  • Each image contains the name of the day, date, and logo to be located in the left lower column of the each image.

Announcement of Your Day

Once the article is finalized we will begin work to announce your observance.

  • We publish your article to live status making it available for viewing on our website.
  • We create the Media Alert, New Day Proclamation, and Evening Post to announce the day using the finalized article.
    • Issued to all of our subscribers, including 20,000 plus media sources and all of our social media platforms.
  • We send out Social Media Blast to encourage everyone to participate in the new observance.

National Day Calendar follows a specific algorithm to release information.

  • The article is published live on
  • 4 days before the observance:
    • The Media Alert is sent out via e-mail to our media list.
    • The Social Media Blast is posted on all social media platforms.
  • 2-3 days before the observance:
    • The New Day Proclamation is issued using the same method as the Media Alert.
  • The night before your observance, your day will be featured in the Evening Post. Evening posts include emailing all subscribers and media outlets, plus posting on all of our social media platforms.
  • On the day of your observance, we create a Social Media Blasts to be posted on all of our social media platforms. We will tag you in the posts so you can follow along.
  • Depending on your package, we can also do Facebook Live event to engage people on social media.

National Day Calendar reserves the right to decide the final published content, including the branded image. Although we work with each client to provide an excellent story, we follow specific guidelines that are statistically proven to be successful. In the instance your new observance requires the announcement schedule to change, National Day Calendar will accommodate the release date and the dates that follow.

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