WORLD PISCO SOUR DAY – First Saturday in February

World Pisco Sour Day - First Saturday in February
(Last Updated On: November 8, 2022)

WORLD PISCO SOUR DAY (Dia Nacional del Pisco Sour)

Every year on the first Saturday in February, World Pisco Sour Day celebrates Peru’s National Drink, the Pisco Sour. The day also encourages learning more about Peruvian culture.

Pisco is a white brandy made in Peru from Muscat grapes. This brandy is the base liquor for the Pisco Sour. Other ingredients used to create a Pisco Sour include lime juice, egg whites, and Angostura bitters. An American bartender named Victor Vaughen Morris receives credit for inventing the alcoholic beverage. He developed the frothy, smooth cocktail in 1916 while working in Peru. Morris’ Bar was a favorite among the Peruvian upper class and visitors to Lima.

Many describe the Pisco Sour as earthy, sweet, and tart. The refreshing drink is consumed in any setting, from the Andes mountains to the beaches of Peru. It’s even consumed in Peruvian bars and restaurants throughout the world. If you ever find yourself in a Peruvian restaurant, order seafood marinated in lime juice. This type of food pairs especially well with Pisco Sour.

HOW TO OBSERVE #WorldPiscoSourDay

  • Visit a Peruvian restaurant and celebrate with a Pisco Sour.
  • Experience Peruvian festivals, music, and more.
  • Look for a recipe for Pisco Sours online and make your own.
  • Find a bar or restaurant in your community that serves Pisco Sours.
  • Learn about other favorite beverages in Peru, such as chilcano, canazo, anisada, and Peruvian wine.
  • Read a book about Peru, such as Death in the Andes by Mario Vargas Llosa or Turn Right at Machu Picchu by Mark Adams.
  • Share this day on social media with #WorldPiscoSourDay


In 2007, the Peruvian National Cultural Institute declared the Pisco Sour to be an official part of Peru’s National Cultural Patrimony. Since then, Peruvian nationals come together every year on the first Saturday in February to celebrate the national drink of Peru.

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