WORLD FAIR TRADE DAY – Second Saturday in May

World Fair Trade Day - Second Saturday in May
(Last Updated On: November 8, 2022)


Every year on the second Saturday in May, World Fair Trade Day highlights small-scale producers in the fair trade movement. It’s also a day to recognize how global small-scale producers contribute to healthy and sustainable communities.

Producers, shoppers, advocates, and companies from around the world make up the fair trade movement. All of the people involved in this movement work together to build a more equitable form of trade. The movement began in the United States following WWII. The goal of the fair trade movement was to connect small-scale producers to global markets. In 1989, the World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO) was born. Today, over a million small-scale producers in 76 countries are a part of the WFTO.

During the beginning years of fair trading, handmade crafts were some of the most popular items produced and sold. Coffee also became an item that was popular in the fair trading world. Other fair trade items include spices, sugar, wine, flowers, furniture, gold, cotton, and tea.

There are four stages to the fair trade movement. The first is the development of cooperatives in which farmers and workers become a part of. The workers then pay for an audit to ensure their products meet fair trade standards. If they do, their products become certified, for which they receive a fair trade label. Once all of this is done, a minimum price is established for the product.

Fair trade helps small-scale producers in developing countries make a sustainable living. This is especially true of farmers and workers in Latin America, Africa, and parts of the Global South.

Other Advantages of Fair Trade
  • Protects farmers and workers from erratic prices
  • Promotes environmentally friendly farming practices
  • Income helps developing communities pay for clean water systems and schools
  • Provides safe working conditions

When consumers purchase products with a fair trade level, they can feel good about their contribution to a better world.

HOW TO OBSERVE #WorldFairTradeDay

On this day, stores around the world feature fair trade products. Many communities also host fair trade festivals. People are encouraged to purchase fair trade products. To participate, learn more about the fair trade movement and its many benefits. Find out which stores in your community sell fair trade products. If you buy a fair trade product, share a photo on social media with #WorldFairTradeDay.


In 1996, the Network of European Shops (NEWS!) established the European World Shops Day. The WFTO, which at the time was called the International Federation of Alternative Trade (IFAT), expanded the initiative to other continents. The first World Fair Trade Day was held on May 4, 2002. The day is now observed on the second Saturday in May.

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