Top 12 National Days North Dakotans Celebrate

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January 8

In January when the winds are blowing and the snow is too, North Dakotans like to fill the tub up to the top with warm foaming bubbles on National Bubble Bath Day which is January 8th. And why wouldn’t we? One of the most popular brands, Mr. Bubble, was founded right here in North Dakota.

February 4

While winter usually still has its blustery grasp on us, we like a good Homemade Soup like Kneophla or Chicken Noodle on National Homade Soup Day on February 4th. Most North Dakotan’s have a family recipe that has been handed down for generations, and it is truly flavored with love.

March 30

With 13 state parks, 1 national park and numerous city parks, trails and scenic byways National Take a Walk in the Park Day was made for North Dakotans. After a long winter, what better way to get out and explore the countryside, take in some fresh air and stretch those winter weary muscles than a long walk in the park. We can’t think of a better idea!

April 25

As gardeners are prepping the soil and planting those first seeds and plants, they are also clearing out their freezers making room for some of the early bounty that is soon to come. North Dakotans will be baking some yumminess on National Zucchini Bread Day as they use up the left overs from last year’s garden and preparing to savor some of the fresh stuff on the grill in just a few short weeks!

May 25

With wine production growing across North Dakota, it’s no surprise that North Dakotans will be celebrating on National Wine Day. With a variety of grape, fruit and honey wines being made right here in North Dakota, there is something for everyone.

June 18

In June a majority a North Dakotans are going to be dropping a line in the nearest lake, river or stream and trying to catch a walleye, blue gill or maybe even a northern pike. National Go Fishing Day is a call to summer around here and a duty to find the catch of the day!

July 4

Celebrating the cowboy is a time honored tradition in North Dakota. From the Mandan Rodeo to the Medora Musical and the Cowboy Hall of Fame, National Cowboy Day is definitely a North Dakota holiday.

Aug 10

This far north, the sun sets late even in August but that doesn’t stop North Dakotans from celebrating National S’Mores Day. We celebrate the ooey, gooey goodness of marshmallow, chocolate and graham crackers nearly every day of the summer.

September 22

According to the last census, North Dakota has the highest percentage of people who are 100 years or older. That’s a lot of birthday candles. That’s also why we like celebrating National Centarian Day. More cake please!

October 8

With a large population of Scandinavian descent, National Leif Erikson Day is quite popular as well as anything viking related. The day just isn’t complete without a Sven and Ollie joke, or a sentence ending in the exclamation “Uff-dah!”
November 26

With only three cities with populations over 50,000 Small Business Saturday is a big shopping day in North Dakota. Small businesses and small TOWNS do big business on this day. Citizens make every effort to keep their money in their community during the busy shopping season.
December 28

Let’s face it. North Dakota does get a blizzard now an then. Not in 2015, but we do get them. When we do, we play cards. National Card Playing Day was made for North Dakotans to play Pinochle, Hearts, Spades, Poker, Gin, Rummy or game we can pull from the deck.

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