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Every year during the third week in June, Universal Father’s Week recognizes the important role fathers play in the lives of families. It’s also a week to celebrate father figures around the world.

Over the past several decades, father involvement has increased dramatically. This is a good thing, as involved dads have a direct impact on their children. Check out what happens when fathers are involved with their kids:

  • 39 percent of children are more likely to earn good grades in school.
  • 45 percent of children are less likely to repeat a grade in school.
  • 60 percent of children are less likely to get suspended from school.
  • 80 percent of teens are less likely to spend time in jail.

When fathers are involved in their children’s lives, they are also twice as likely to go to college.

Involved fathers also help with their child’s cognitive and emotional development. This is especially the case for fathers who are affectionate and supportive of their children. When fathers spend alone time with their children, they are increasing the likelihood their kids will become compassionate adults.

HOW TO OBSERVE #UniversalFathersWeek

There is a special day for dads, but why not take this opportunity to celebrate your dad all week long? If your father is no longer living, take time to honor a grandfather or father figure in your life.

Here are some ways to participate:

  • Learn about famous fathers, such as Prince Albert, Jacques Cousteau, George Patton, Jim Henson, and Stephen King.
  • Watch movies about dads, like Three Men and a Baby, Finding Nemo, The Pursuit of Happiness, National Lampoons Vacation, and Daddy Day Care.
  • Give your father the gift of spending time with them, and if you don’t live near them, call or text them every day this week.
  • Commit to continuing a family tradition that your father started when you were a child.
  • Think about an important lesson your father taught you and tell your children about it.

To help spread awareness for this week, post a picture of your dad on social media with #UniversalFathersWeek


This week is a continuation of Father’s Day, which falls on the third Sunday in June.


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