Trey Garbers
(Last Updated On: May 16, 2022)

Trey Garbers is a self-proclaimed entertainer with an innate ability to find an audience wherever he may be. At a young age in Branson, Missouri, he was discovered by his own family and quickly became Branson’s youngest magician (probably), specializing in close-up magic. His magic career was unfortunately cut short by puberty. So he moved on to telling jokes at the local Fudgery—a habit that became so incessant they eventually hired him and paid him for it. 


After college, Trey took his wealth of experience in the entertainment industry to the streets of NYC, where he was bound to “make it big.” He did, indeed, manage a giant theme restaurant in Manhattan for several years before realizing he’d failed at becoming an actor. He didn’t return home without any success, though. His credits include “party extra” in an episode of Gossip Girl and meeting Bill Hader and John Mulaney at a Chipotle. 

IT and The Bolt Podcast

Trey returned to his family in Texas. After several attempts at finding a new career that would allow him to both earn a decent paycheck and achieve low-level fame, he landed his dream gig as the IT Manager for a small school district in the DFW area. He is also a founder and host of The Bolt Podcast. At Christmastime, Trey stars annually as Santa Claus at several classroom venues. 

Celebrity and Celebrate Every Day!

In late 2019, as his local celebrity status was beginning to skyrocket, Trey graciously decided to give the people what they wanted: a year-long Instagram campaign dedicated to celebrating every day. A brilliant effort met with destiny. As the COVID-19 pandemic struck in early 2020, a captive audience, starved for entertainment found their elixir. Trey finally found his niche—mass desperation. While admittedly some celebrations were more successful than others, Trey hopes you will still follow him @treygarbers. See him try new foods, give a few show-stopping performances, and #CelebrateEveryDay. You can also view his entire 2020 experience at YouTube, too!

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