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National Crayon Day inspires this week's classroom and why not? Crayons are an essential tool for every student.


CLASSROOM – Goof Off We don’t usually goof off in the classroom. However, sometimes goofing off is a good thing, even in the classroom. We can goof off for a […]

CLASSROOM - Johnny Appleseed

Spring is the perfect time to talk about planting in the classroom and Johnny Appleseed in the inspiring legend of a real man who is also part myth.


National Farm Rescuer Day inspires this week's topic in the Classroom. Farming is a vital industry that feeds not only you and me but the entire world.


National Old Stuff Day inspires this week's classroom. But what does old stuff have to do with the classroom? First off, we repeat the same actions and routines every day.

CLASSROOM - Mother Language

CLASSROOM – Mother Language A mother language is the first language a person begins to speak. Imagine if you were the last person who knew how to speak your mother […]

CLASSROOM - No One Eats Alone

Classrooms across the country participate in No One Eats Alone Day. The student-led observance is a call to action and encourages students to include their fellow peers at lunchtime.


This week in the classroom, we've created a couple of projects to help break the ice and make making friends just a little bit easier.