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This time of year, a raptor or two likely decorates your classroom or school. In many schools, a raptor can be found somewhere in the school, too. Raptor Month focuses...

CLASSROOM - Ampersand

CLASSROOM – Ampersand And just like that August is over, and September takes over. And, in the classroom, we take a look at a symbol called the ampersand. It’s curly, […]


CLASSROOM – Rhyme Some words are difficult to rhyme and with reason. That’s why we’re celebrating National No Rhyme (No Reason) Day in the classroom this week. Poets experiment with […]

CLASSROOM - Aviation

Humans had to learn a lot about physics and master some Earthly forces to achieve flight. That's why the classroom is celebrating National Aviation Day this week.


July is National Picnic Month, so the Classroom is looking forward to all sorts of ways to enjoy the outdoors with a picnic.


Humans love to explore and one of the places we love to explore is space. This week in the Classroom, National Moon Day inspires us to study the moon.

CLASSROOM - Strawberry

Ahhh - Strawberry Sundaes. Who can resist this simple treat especially after a hard day of studying in the classroom.


This week in the classroom, National Meteor Watch Day inspires us to look up! And learn about the space debris that occasionally lights up the night sky. 


Did you know you can make ice cream in a bag in your classroom? We didn't either! As we wrap up National Ice Cream Month, it's a perfect way to celebrate.