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Blue, Silver, and Gold – Our nation honor our service members and their families through a service flag. All the flags have their roots in a design created by Army Captian Robert L. Queissner. He created the flag in honor of his two sons who were serving on the front line during World War I.
The Blue Star service banner represents hope. When a family member serves in the U.S. Armed Forces, the family is recognized as part of the Blue Star family. Since World War II, Blue Star Mothers chapters have organized across the United States to support families in the military. In 2009, Blue Star Families organized to do the same. Both organizations are non-profit and provide support and guidance to military families.
The Silver Star service banner represents gallantry. Families who display the Silver Service star have a service member who has been injured, have become ill, or suffer from a terminal illness during their service in the military. Many of these service members endure painful and permanent injury that requires long-term treatment. The Silver Star service banner would not receive official recognition until 2010 – the last of the star service banners to be formally recognized.

The Gold Star service banner represents sacrifice. Families display the Gold Star service banner when their loved one has given the greatest sacrifice during their military service. The Gold Star honors both the family and the service member for the life given during war or conflict. It is a membership no military family asks to join but faces with every deployment.

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