SEPTEMBER – Wildlife

Chalkboard - National Day Calendar Classroom - September 2019 - Wildlife

Chalkboard - National Day Calendar Classroom - September 2019 - Wildlife

SEPTEMBER – WEEK 4 – Wildlife

Welcome to September and in week 4, wildlife takes over the classroom as we explore National Wildlife Day. The day allows the classroom to branch off in many directions. We can examine how plants affect erosion and filter water. Conversely, we can also see how water travels through plants. Exploring our environment and opening our eyes to the wildlife around us helps us to be more aware of our effect on creatures who share the land with us.

These opportunities not only improve how we use our land and water resources but improve the lives of wildlife. The projects stimulate interest in a variety of sciences, too. Students flourish when they see their ideas in motion.


We’ve provided several ideas to try in the classroom or for students to implement at home. The classroom also includes several projects throughout September, so be sure to keep checking for more inspiration.

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Not only do we provide three ideas for National Wildlife Day, but we added external links, too. Two of them are to other classrooms featuring wildlife and one is a list of inspirational ideas that educators can use as a springboard.

Collage – Students create a visual representation of the wildlife in their neighborhoods. Each student brings a picture or two of animals living near their home or school.

Biosphere – Create a classroom biosphere.


Journal – Observe the wildlife around you. Draw, write or photograph them and keep track of their habits. What do they eat? What time of day or night do you see the animals? Do they come in groups or alone? What kinds of noises do they make? Share your findings with the class.

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