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SEPTEMBER – Week 6 – Creative

This week in the September Classroom, students get creative. National Keep Kids Creative Week sparks a world of imagination and fun. We decided that there’s no better way than create some fun in the classroom. Parents, guardians, and other adults involved in a child’s life get involved, too. Their the first line of creative inspiration in a child’s life.

So, put on your smock or design hat. Let our imaginations free.


Check out our talent show challenge for our creative week in the classroom.

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Everyone has a talent. Some people sing, while others paint. Many are athletic in unique ways. When it comes to fixing something broken, we all know who we turn to. Some people know just what to say to make us laugh. This project has a few goals for both parents and students:

  • to illustrate that not two talents are alike
  • talent is never enough; we must practice and hone both natural and acquired skills
  • learn to accept and give constructive feedback
  • that everyone is good at something

These talents and more take center stage this week. It’s time to invite parents, grandparents, guardians, and older siblings to help students polish their abilities for a classroom talent show. The show will display each student’s particular talent. Each student will decide what their talent is and enlist someone at home to help them brush up on their skills.

If students struggle to name what their talent is, explore these suggestions:
  • whistling
  • saying tongue twisters
  • juggling
  • jump rope
  • braiding hair
  • balancing something on their nose
  • paper folding (origami)
  • building card houses
  • ventriloquism
  • identifying insects
  • writing with their toes
  • making balloon animals
  • reciting pi to the ABC song

The adults in a child’s life provide vital feedback. But, the project will also be an opportunity for parents to learn to provide constructive criticism while helping their child build upon their gift. No one’s skills will equal another. While pursuing an improvement to any skill, each student must understand that talent alone is not enough.

Students may present a painting, sculpture, song, or story. They may also choose to build a replica or a drawing. If at all possible, don’t limit the medium.  They must work with an older family member to bring their talent into sharper focus. At the end of the week, each student brings their completed and polished talent to the school. There they will demonstrate it to the class.

There’s no prize – just the honor of knowing they’ve improved upon their talent and shared it with the class.

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