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WIFE APPRECIATION DAY – Third Sunday in September


Wife Appreciation Day on the third Sunday in September provides an opportunity for spouses to show appreciation to their wives.  

The relationship between a husband and a wife takes balance. Every day, spouses do things for each other, sometimes without thinking. Other times, work and responsibilities get in the way. This observance offers a way to remind husbands to show a little appreciation to their wives. 

This particular observance sets aside time for couples who have no children. Not every woman is a mother, either by chance or choice. Since so many holidays celebrate families with children, this day offers a day for those who remained childless.

HOW TO OBSERVE #WifeAppreciationDay

Couples may choose to celebrate the day traditionally with a gift of flowers, perfume, jewelry or clothing. However, other options include a day at a spa, tickets to a show or dinner at a nice restaurant.  A foot massage and cooking breakfast or dinner at home can also say, “Thank you for all the things you do every day. I appreciate them.” Share your celebration using #WifeAppreciationDay to post on social media.


While National Day Calendar research did not uncover the source of the day, we did identify the underlying meaning of Wife Appreciation Day. Even though it honored married women, the focus on honoring those who didn’t have children. The day makes up for Mother’s Day when there are no children in the marriage. 

National Cheese Toast Day - September 15


On September 15th, National Cheese Toast Day savors the cheesy goodness of this classic dish.

Simple but delicious, cheese and toast go well together. A little butter helps everything meld together nicely, too. The crustier the bread, the better. It makes an excellent side dish, but cheese toast also serves up a satisfying snack. 

While food holidays aren’t in short order on the calendar, we can’t surpass them because of the carb count. Cheese and toast perfectly combines to dunk into soup. In the middle of dinner conversation, a chunk of cheese toast waved in the air emphatically punctuates your story, especially when finishing a monologue with a satisfying bite. 

It might surprise many to know the treat was created by Del Johnson. In 1958, he opened his first Sizzler restaurant. It was an instant success. And although the recipe changed a bit over the years, the concept of Cheese Toast hasn’t.

Over 60 years later, Cheese Toast continues to be a favorite dish across the country. With the best cheeses and bread, served up as an appetizer, with soup or with the main course, cheese toast pairs well with many dishes. 

HOW TO OBSERVE #CheeseToastDay

Whether snacking or craving comfort food, cheese toast fits the bill. Order up some Cheese Toast for lunch or dinner. If you don’t have a Sizzler near you, try your hand at making Cheese Toast at home. Share photos or your recipes using #CheeseToastDay on social media.


Sizzler USA founded National Cheese Toast Day in 2015 to celebrate this flavorful combination.elebrate this flavorful combination.

The Registrar at National Day Calendar declared the day to be celebrated on September 15th annually.

GREENPEACE DAY – September 15


Greenpeace Day is observed on September 15th commemorates the movement that began on this day. 

This day highlights activism in the name of the environment. The day recognizes peaceful protest for change to improve air quality, reduce reliance on fossil fuels, use of plastics, water quality. Conservation and preservation fall under their topics of environmental justice.

activist | NOUN

ac·tiv·ist /’aktivest/ a person who takes part in actions intended to achieve political or social change; may be an individual or member of an organization

Founded in 1971 by 17 activists protesting nuclear testing off the shores of Alaska, Greenpeace now boasts a worldwide membership. Taking on environmental issues and raising awareness, their campaigns continually strive to support and preserve the Earth.

HOW TO OBSERVE #Greenpeace Day

Learn more about activism. Find out about the roots and how its influence has changed the world around you. Use #GreenpeaceDay to post on social media.


Greenpeace was founded on September 15, 1971, when 17 activists set sail on the Phyllis Cormack in hopes of stopping the nuclear testing about to take place off the shores of Alaska. While the testing proceeded, the protest set in motion a movement still growing today.  In honor of Greenpeace, Vancouver Mayor, Gregor Robertson proclaimed Greenpeace Day in 2011.



On September 15th, tip your hat for National Felt Hat Day! The observance recognizes a stylish head protection worn throughout history.

Historically, men and women wore hats as protection and status symbols, too. This time of year, people traded in the lighter, cooler straw hat for the warmer felt hat. Additionally, etiquette dictated what hats men and women wore and where. For example, good behavior required men (mostly) learn to don and doff the hat at an early age.

While primarily made from wool, felt can also be made from the fur of other animals. Usually, rabbit and beaver were the furs of choice. During the 16th and 17th centuries, beaver reach popularity but over trapping depleted the population.

The phrase “a mad as a hatter” comes from the use of mercury nitrate in haberdasheries in the late 18th and early 19th centuries. Over time, daily exposure to this metal caused these tradesmen to develop dementia, tics and other symptoms. These unusual side effects caused people to believe their hatters had gone mad.

Over the centuries, many styles of felt hats have made their debut. We can identify an era by many of them. Its buckle will quickly identify the Quaker, and the stovepipe reminds most Americans of one of its most beloved presidents. Others have odd names such as pork pie, bowler and stingy brim.

HOW TO OBSERVE #NationalFeltHatDay

Celebrate by donning your favorite felt hat and snapping a picture. Try out styles you’ve never worn before. Go on a hat shopping expedition. Study up on millinery techniques.  You might just find out the Fanchon, flower pot, Reubens, Fedora, or a Panama is really your style instead. Use #NationalFeltHatDay to post on social media.


National Day Calendar’s research continues to try to unearth the source for National Felt Hat Day.



One of America’s favorites, National Double Cheeseburger Day recognizes a food icon savored across the United States. 

Hamburger.  Seasoned ground beef, grilled and placed between two slices of bread or a bun. Top with sauteed onions, peppers, pickles, sliced onions, and cheese. Add condiments such as ketchup, mustard, or mayo. Any one of these combinations would create a modern American version a hamburger.

Now, double the patties and the cheese. The celebration requires it.

While the day is about the double cheeseburger, that doesn’t mean you can’t add your favorite toppings. When it comes to adding some tanginess to a burger, a few ingredients never fail. Goat cheese brightens a burger every time. But if you’re looking for a crispness, too, add some creamy coleslaw instead. Another option in this category is the reliable tartar sauce.

If you like to bring the heat, you can look to your cheeses. Pepper jack is a mild way of adding some spice. However, if you prefer to test the limits, fresh sliced jalapenos or habaneros will also do the trick.

It is most likely that the hamburger sandwich first appeared in the 19th or early 20th centuries, but there is much controversy over its origin. Over the years, the hamburger has become a culinary icon in the United States.

And Americans love their burgers! Restaurants dedicated to making them just right have been in business for generations. Even those who refrain from red meat don’t hesitate to find a way to enjoy a juicy burger. Whether the burger is charbroiled, grilled or barely kisses the heat, there’s a flavor for you.

So when something this delicious exists, double it! Then celebrate it!

HOW TO OBSERVE #DoubleCheeseburgerDay

Enjoy a delicious double cheeseburger. Add your favorite toppings. Since it’s a celebration, be sure to invite friends to join you. Whether you cook together or go out to eat, remember to #CelebrateEveryDay and share your meal using #DoubleCheeseburgerDay to post on social media.


We were unable to determine the origin of National Double Cheeseburger Day.

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National Linguine Day - September 15


On September 15th, National Linguine Day fills the dinner menu at home and restaurants across the country. 

From the Liguria region of Italy, linguine means “little tongues” in Italian. Made from durum semolina flour, linguine is one of the world’s oldest kinds of pasta. Fettuccine and linguine developed around 400 years ago. While both are thin, flat noodles, linguine is narrower and more elliptical in shape. As a result, linguine produces a more delicate pasta. To avoid breakage, pair linguine with thinner, lighter sauces.

Lighter sauces doesn’t limit linguine’s flavor profile. In fact, linguine recipes offer a wide variety of sauces. Whether you prefer spicy pasta or seafood, linguine offers a nice base. It compliments herb and butter sauces nicely, too. When adding fresh vegetables, linguine allows the bright colors to shine. Pesto lovers rave over linguine. Another flavor that linguine favors is the earthiness of mushrooms.

HOW TO OBSERVE #NationalLinguineDay

If you enjoy pasta, but haven’t cooked with linguine, give it a try. Don’t hesitate to try new sauces. Share recipes or test out new once. No matter your preference, lightly seasoned, spice or taste of the ocean, linguine will satisfy your craving.

Invite some friends over and open a bottle of wine. Break open the pasta and get cooking!

Enjoy these delicious linguine recipes and use #NationalLinguineDay to post on social media.

Linguine with Clam Sauce
Chicken and Onions Over Linguine


National Day Calendar did not uncover the origins of this delicious food holiday.



National Tackle Kids Cancer Day on September 15th give you a chance to be part of the cure for pediatric cancer research. Join other Tackle Kids Cancer supporters and volunteer to rally our community and raise needed funds for pediatric cancer research. With only 4% of federal cancer dollars designated to pediatric cancer research, Tackle Kids Cancer Day is our opportunity to let our voices be heard. Help find a cure for pediatric cancer.

Tackle Kids Cancer Day supports innovative research and patient care programs at the Children’s Cancer Institute at Hackensack University Medical Center. CCI is pioneering over a dozen clinical trials to treat aggressive types of pediatric cancer. Most notably, our extensive pediatric neuro-oncology program is leading the way to establish new protocols in treating this dire diagnosis.  Additionally, Tackle Kids Cancer funds the Cure and Beyond Program – one of a handful of survivorship programs for pediatric cancer survivors in the country.

On Tackle Kids Cancer Day, let your support shine through! Gear up and help find a cure for pediatric cancer!

HOW TO OBSERVE #TackleKidsCancerDay

Join the team in several ways. Donate! Support essential clinical care, unique support services, and groundbreaking cancer research needed to find a cure.

Get involved by organizing a fundraiser or volunteering for an event.

Use #TackleKidsCancerDay to share on social media.


Hackensack University Medical Center Foundation founded National Tackle Kids Cancer Day to raise awareness. More research and fundraising is needed to find a cure for this horrific disease. Tackle Kids Cancer formed in September of 2015, and since its inception, it has raised $4.5 million from nearly 7,000 supporters. The funds go toward pediatric cancer research occurring at the Children’s Cancer Institute at Hackensack University Medical Center. As one of the fastest-growing philanthropies in the country, Tackle Kids Cancer has supporters from all 50 states and over a dozen countries.

The Registrar at National Day Calendar proclaimed National Tackle Kids Cancer Day to be annually observed starting in 2017.



On September 15th, National Online Learning Day recognizes the advantages and vast potential of online learning. It also honors the accomplishments of online students everywhere.

Whether you’ve ever taken an online course, used educational resources at a traditional brick and mortar school, or taught them, this day is for you! The day showcases online learning helping people accomplish their goals and dreams. It helps check things off their bucket list!

Not only that, but online learning offers valuable resources to parents, too. The ability to check in with teachers and assist their child remotely heightens the educational experience.

Alexandra is excelling at school and her self-esteem is sky high. She believes in herself as a student and can be herself. We also love online learning for the rigorous curriculum and we know that Alexandra will be prepared for her future and career. ~ Emerald Zeitz – parent of an online student

Evolving online technology makes education more manageable and convenient. Every day, students earn high school diplomas, certificates, college degrees, and credits online. Online Learning Day brings national recognition to these students. And online schooling continues to grow and provide new resources and support to students.

The observance is about students learning, educators teaching, and family members supporting this type of education. With your selfies and other photos, the goal is to cultivate blended and online learning and recognize the student possibilities available with this type of education. Become part of the national online community on Online Learning Day! The power of technology has knocked down barriers and built bridges in education. With online learning, adult students can balance working with furthering their knowledge, and today’s youth can receive an individualized education and learning environment.

HOW TO OBSERVE #OnlineLearningDay

Show your support for online students everywhere by participating! If you’re an online student or educator, know that your academic achievements have made this celebration possible. On September 15th share what online learning has taught you.

On your existing social media channels using #OnlineLearningDay and this statement, “Online Learning has taught me to _______!” Fill in the blank and then tag three friends to continue the celebration. (Students, please note, you must be over the age of 13 and have your parents’ permission.)

Join the conversation on Facebook, Facebook Event, Twitter, and Instagram.


National Online Learning Day was established in July of 2016. It recognizes the online education community with an official day focusing on the significant achievements made through online schooling and the students attending.



National Crème de Menthe Day on September 15th recognizes the creamy peppermint-flavored liqueur used in cocktails and desserts. Enjoy your favorite combination to celebrate!

Many of the liqueurs we enjoy today started as tonics and cure-alls. We thank pharmacists for their existence. Crème de menthe (mint cream) is one of those liqueurs. French pharmacist, Emile Giffard, studied the cooling and digestive properties of mint. His research led him to a recipe for crème de menthe.

Crème de menthe is sweet. Mint leaves (usually Corsican mint) give crème de menthe its green color. However, when extracted, the liqueur is colorless. This form of the liqueur is called white crème de menthe. Unless color is essential, both varieties have similar flavors and are interchangeable in recipes.

The traditional formula involves steeping dried peppermint or Corsican mint leaves in grain alcohol for several weeks. This method creates a natural green color.  The following steps include filtration and the addition of sugar.

Several cocktails include crème de menthe as an ingredient. Two popular cocktails include Grasshopper and Stinger. Because of mint’s digestive qualities, crème de menthe makes an excellent after-dinner drink.  Also popular in the kitchen, it is used in many recipes as a flavoring. To make a chilly adult milkshake mix crème de menthe with ice cream.  Add chopped pecans or shaved chocolate as a garnish.

HOW TO OBSERVE #CremeDeMentheDay

Try crème de menthe for the first time or the hundredth. Add it to a dessert or mix up a cocktail. Stir in some chocolate for a mint chocolate flair.  Share your crème de menthe recipes. Use #CremeDeMentheDay to post on social media.


National Day Calendar’s research continues to try to uncover the history behind this beverage holiday.


Recipe of the Day

Mushroom Linguine

Prep: 10 minutes
Cook:  15 minutes
Total Prep: 25 minutes
Servings:  4


1 lb linguine, cooked al dente, drained
6 tablespoons butter
10 cloves garlic, minced
6 cups mushrooms, sliced
1 teaspoon dried basil
1⁄4 teaspoon salt
2 tablespoons olive oil
2 tablespoons fresh parsley, chopped
Parmesan cheese, grated


Prepare Linguine according to instructions.

Melt 2 tablespoons of butter in a medium skillet.

Add garlic and brown.

Add mushrooms, basil, salt, and pepper.

Cook until the mushrooms become tender.

Stir in the remaining butter and olive oil. Remove from heat.

Toss with cooked linguine and garnish with Parmesan and parsley.

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