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Want to improve your Scrabble skills? Add these tools to your arsenal and rack up points against your opponents.

  1. Memorize these two-letter words. While there are more two-letter words in the Scrabble dictionary, these words gain you more points than the others. AC, AX, AY AG, AM AG, AM, BA, BE, BI, BO, BY, DA, DE, DO, ED, EF, EH, EM, EW, EX, FA, FE, HA, HE, HI, HM, HO, ID, MA, ME, MI, MM, MU, MY, OD, OP, OX, OY, OW, SH, XI, XU, UH, UM, UP, YA, YE, YO, QI, ZA

2. Speaking of two-letter words, X is your friend. It’s the only high-point letter that can form a two letter word with every vowel in the alphabet.

3. Two-letter words are your friend, but you can step it up a notch. Prefixes and suffixes build on words and stretch you to those bonus double and triple letter and word scores.

4. Another great tool to learn is a hook. Hooks are words that can be transformed into another word with a single letter. You’re probably thinking that adding an S is easy. And it is. But look at the examples below for ways to maximize your points.





5. It’s not just memorization that helps you take advantage of the seven-letter bingo. Taking advantage of your opponent’s base words and building on them helps you to get your bonus 50 points. 



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