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Rubie Blanchard

Rubie Blanchard

Meet Rubie Blanchard

This new ambassador is easily seen in a crowd by her bright and colorful outfits. Her name is Rubie Blanchard and her spunky spirit is undeniably contagious. Always using color as a way of expressing herself, Rubie incorporates fun colors and murals into her personal style. As a result, she self identifies as the Rainbow Queen. 

Finding A Rainbow

Positive thinking is how Rubie navigates through life. As a daily reminder, she uses her own journey with anxiety and depression as inspiration. With that said, Rubie looks for rainbows in everything. To her, the rainbow symbolizes hope and promise. In fact, finding daily rainbows is how Rubie maintains her positive attitude. 

Home on the Range

Rubie considers herself an adventure lover. In fact, life in Oklahoma with her husband and two pets is always an adventure. However, one might think the rich cowboy and Indian history of Oklahoma contribute to the adventure. Instead, Rubie finds most of her adventures while teaching the 1st grade. By incorporating national days into her daily curriculum, she is teaching her students to look for rainbows, too.

I love seeing the joy that it brings my students celebrating the days. I have learned so much from them about looking on the bright side of life. ~ Rubie Blanchard


Rubie has been celebrating with National Day Calendar® since her college days. Back then, she was searching daily for ways to bring joy and encouragement to her rowing teammates. It was especially easy as the coxswain for the team. Unsurprisingly, all that celebrating has been traveling with her since. 

Rubie uses the #CelebratesEveryDay motto every morning. It’s so easy to do with over 1,500 reasons to celebrate.

A few of Rubie’s favorite national days:

  • National Love People Day (September 30).
  • National Compliment Day (January 24).
  • National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day (August 4).

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