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(Last Updated On: January 3, 2023)

National Day Calendar is the premier destination for brands, nonprofits, and corporations to register an official National Day that aligns with their product or service.

As the #1 trending topic of all time on social media, National Day Calendar offers a powerful media mix of digital, radio, social media and television news platforms that reach a hyper-engaged audience of Celebrators across the United States and around the globe.

Over 20,000 media outlets source their stories from National Day Calendar’s website including Fox and Friends, The Today Show, Good Morning America, Jimmy Kimmel, Ellen and Elvis Duran to name only a few.  Countless newspapers and bloggers write stories for their publications using information from National Day Calendar and millions view it directly every day.

Do you have a special day that you would like to be recognized annually?  How about a unique product or service?  Having your own National Day, Week or Month can bring you, your company or cause special recognition every year.

The benefits of having a National Day, Week or Month include news stories, increase in product sales, market visibility, social media engagement, fundraising opportunities for non-profits, brand authority and much more can be generated annually.

Clients include L’Oréal, Microsoft, Nordstrom, Hearst, HUDABEAUTY, Hanes, National Football Players Association, Capital One and Verizon Wireless.

Please give as much detail as you can in your application.  The information you provide helps authenticate your claim as well as having a source for the media to report from.

Applications must be sent at least 6 weeks before to be included in the digital form of the current calendar year.  For inclusion in the printed version of the National Day Calendar, acceptance must take place and finalized by Dec 31 to be included in the next following year.  For example, to be included in the printed version of the 2023 calendar, everything must be finalized by Dec 31, 2022.

Please fill out the form and one of our researchers will verify the information you provide.

Please note that we do not declare National Days, Weeks or Months for individuals (requires an act of Congress).  Those applications are removed from the list that the selection committee reviews


  All submissions are confidential.

National Day/Week/Month Submission – 2023

  • By clicking submit, you verify that all information is accurate and that you have the authorization to apply for this National Day.

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