PUPPY MILL AWARENESS DAY – Third Saturday in September

National Puppy Mill Awareness Day | Third Saturday in September
(Last Updated On: November 8, 2022)


National Puppy Mill Awareness Day on the third day in September encourages those looking for a new dog, to adopt, not shop. 


An observance dedicated to improving the lives of dogs, the day spreads the word about the poor conditions of puppy mills. While reputable dog breeders care for the animals they raise, a puppy mill doesn’t put the animal’s needs first. Not only do the dogs often live in poor conditions, but they’re bred T often than is healthy. Additionally, puppy mills don’t take into consideration preferred characteristics when breeding.

As a result, breeding lines are not well-tracked, and genetic defects develop. The mills remove young from the mothers much too early. Sickness, malnutrition, and behavior issues are common. Often, mills skimp on vaccines, also.


Responsible breeders maintain thorough records. They also keep their kennels sanitary. Not only that, they expect you to care about the condition of their animals and facilities. Their animals receive quality veterinary care. Often, a breeder will not sell a dog if they don’t believe the animal will be cared for by the buyer. Also, good breeders require the buyer e returned to them should something happen that prevents you from caring for the animal.


Shelters receive stray and surrendered animals. They update their vaccines and obtain necessary veterinary care for each animal. They also screen prospective adoptive families. Similar to breeders, they maintain their facilities. However, they retain few paid staff and rely on donations and volunteers for a bulk of their needs.

Depending on the shelter’s mandate, animals live there until they are adopted. Other shelters allow a certain number of days for the animal to be adopted. Once the selected number of days pass, the shelter usually must destroy the dog. Many of the dogs in shelters come from animals bred in puppy mills for pet stores or sold online.

It’s essential to know the difference and select your new fur baby responsibly. Even though you may think you’re saving the animal, purchasing a dog from a puppy mill only keeps the business thriving.


If you are considering a new pet, consider adopting from a shelter. Even pure-bred animals find their way to the shelter. Also, evaluate your lifestyle and whether it has room for a pet. Many people adopt a dog and are unprepared for the responsibility that accompanies a puppy or adult dog. Whether the training or another reason causes the pet to end up at a shelter, an opportunity for a new home awaits them.

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National Puppy Mill Project formed the initiative for a Puppy Mill Awareness Day to spread awareness and educate the public to help end puppy mills.  

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