PUBLIC SERVICE RECOGNITION WEEK - Begins the First Sunday in May

Public Service Recognition Week - Begins First Sunday in May


Beginning the first Sunday in May, Public Service Recognition Week honors federal, state, county, and local employees across the nation.

Public servants work at every level of government from small communities to the federal government. They renew our driver’s licenses and they collect our garbage. Public servants govern, legislate and enforce our laws. The public workforce keeps our cities, states, and country running smoothly. Many civil servants work behind the scenes running programs and activities that are vital to many levels of government, social services and so much more.

HOW TO OBSERVE #PublicServiceRecognitionWeek

  • Attend an event, celebration, or gala to recognize the public servants where you live.
  • Thank your public servants.
  • Learn about what it means to be a public servant.
  • Recognize a public servant who has gone above and beyond for your community.
  • Visit for ideas to recognize employees.
  • Use #PSRWeek to share on social media.


Since 1985, the Public Employees Roundtable has organized Public Service Recognition Week.