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No matter where we live, we have the potential for an emergency to occur. It’s important that we are prepared to react quickly and not panic.


Whether emergencies happen due to natural disasters or man-made concerns, it’s important to be prepared. Having a communication plan in place before disaster strikes is key.

Develop a communication strategy with family. Participate in employer and community-wide emergency plans.

Practice a plan of action for each of the most common emergency events in your area. For example, if flooding is common where you live, make sure your flood insurance is up to date, that you store important papers in a water-tight container that’s easy to access and have a flood exit plan for those who live with you.

In the aftermath of an emergency, do not hesitate to utilize all the resources available to you. Whether they are through government provided aid, local, state or even employer supplied support, every tool available is a means to getting you back on your feet after a disaster.

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