Petition To Move Presidents Day

Don’t you just hate that “The Big Game” is always played late on a Sunday night, with Monday being a work day?  Even here at National Day Calendar where we Celebrate Every Day. working that Monday after the game is tough. You know it. We know it.

Whether you are a football fan or not, most of the USA watches the Big Game.  This event has become a National Tradition.  The biggest challenge with this nation wide celebration is that most of us have to go to work the next.  Or, you do what millions of others do, call in sick to work.

So, we have a idea. Why not make the Monday after the Big Game a Federal Holiday?

Crazy, right? Maybe. Listen up because we know a way to get this done.

There is already a federal holiday in February just waiting for us. We want to petition our government to move Presidents Day up one week. Putting Presidents Day on that Monday after The Big Game, giving us a 3-day weekend, makes perfect sense. And, we are reasonably sure George Washington won’t have a problem with the change. We believe if he were alive today he would be a huge fan of The Big Game tucked right in the middle of a three day National Holiday.

Every one wins. Everyone can celebrate. Best of all, no one has to call into work the day after the game. That is a big deal. 

Ready to help make this happen? It’s easy. Sign our petition below, then share this with everyone you know. That’s it.

Our goal is to get 15,000,000 signatures! So, every signature helps. Now sign and share.

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