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On October 9th, National Pro-Life Cupcake Day encourages open dialogue and an exchange of cupcakes. 

On this day, cupcakes are baked to honor the lives of those not yet born. The day also raises awareness about the issue of abortion. Cupcakes are a sweet way to get a conversation started on a difficult subject.

Organizers encourage baking cupcakes and giving them to friends, family and even strangers. While not everyone will agree, conversations may be started. Some may prefer not to participate at all, while others still will join in the conversation, even though they disagree. 

HOW TO OBSERVE  #ProLifeCupcakeDay

Make a cupcake and strike up a conversation. Use #ProLifeCupcakeDay to post on social media.


Cupcakes for Life founded the day as a positive way to discuss pro-life awareness.



National Leif Erickson Day honors the Icelandic-born explorer, Leif Erikson. The Norse explorer earns credit for bringing the first Europeans known to have set foot in North America. Leif Erikson left the European continent in 999 and landed in North America around the year 1,000.

HOW TO OBSERVE National Leif Erikson Day

Tour a Norwegian heritage museum. Learn about Norse heritage, their exploration, and more. Dive into the story of this explore in books, too. We suggest Who was Leif Erikson by Nico Medina or Before Columbus: The Leif Eriksson Expedition by Elizabeth Cody Kimmel. Share your Norse heritage. However you celebrate, use #LeifEriksonDay to post on social media.


In 1925, at the Norse-American Centennial, President Calvin Coolidge gave recognition to Leif Erikson as the discoverer of America due to research by Norwegian-American scholars such as Knut Geirset and Ludvig-Hektoen.

United States Representative John Blatnik from Duluth introduced a bill in 1963 to observe Leif Erikson Day nationwide. On September 2, 1964, the United States Congress passed Joint Resolution 88-566, authorizing the President to proclaim October 9 as Leif Erikson Day. President Lyndon B. Johnson and each president since have done so. In the proclamations, the Presidents have praised the contributions of Americans of Nordic descent generally and the spirit of discovery.

Some states officially commemorate National Leif Erikson Day in addition to the federal observance. This occurs particularly in the Upper Midwest, where there are large numbers of people from the Nordic countries settled.

On October 9, 1825, a sloop named, Restauration, with 52 Norwegian Quakers on board, landed in New York Harbor, beginning what would become the first organized immigration from Norway to the United States. In commemoration of their journey and their exploring ancestor, Congress selected October 9 for National Leif Erickson Day.

PansPandas Awareness Day - October 9

PANS/PANDAS Awareness Day

In the United States, nearly 1 in 200 children are diagnosed with Pediatric Acute-onset Neuropsychiatric Syndromes (PANS) and Pediatric Autoimmune Neuropsychiatric Disorders Associated with Streptococcal Infections (PANDAS). PANS/PANDAS Awareness Day on October 9th sets out to increase research, education and support to those affected by the condition.

Symptoms of PANS and PANDAS come on suddenly following a strep, bacterial or viral infection. The symptoms include:

  • tics
  • sudden onset Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
  • deterioration in skills
  • begins refusing foods and become selective in foods they will eat
  • anxiety
  • depression
  • reduced performance at school
  • sensitive to touch and sound
  • sleep changes
  • hyperactivity
  • uncontrolled movements
  • Rheumatic pain

PANDAS is often misdiagnosed. The symptoms can diminish or remit. However, relapse occurs increasing in duration and intensity over time. Some causes of relapse include repeated infections and environmental triggers. Early diagnosis can result in long-term remission.

Treatments include antibiotics, intravenous immunoglobulin (IVIg), and plasmapheresis among other treatments.

More research is needed to improve early diagnosis and treatment. Research will also help physicians better understand the condition. PANS/PANDAS Awareness Day encourages everyone to learn more about the condition, recognize the symptoms, and support families with a loved one diagnosed with PANDAS.


There are several way to support the cause:

  • Speak to your state representatives to support a proclamation of PANS/PANDAS Awareness Day. Many states have already proclaimed the day.
  • Make a donation to support research.
  • Share your experiences with PANDAS.
  • Visit for more information on PANDAS, the work being done and how to help.

Use #PANSPANDASAwarenessDay to share on social media.


In 2009, several parents and physicians created the PANDA Network. The organization set out to provide support for families enduring PANDAS and began promoting PANS/PANDAS Awareness Day.



National Moldy Cheese Day is a unique holiday that is observed each year on October 9.

A cheesemonger is a person who specializes in cheeses, butter, and other dairy products. They may take umbrage at the ordinary person’s offense of moldy cheese. Well, depending on the type of mold, of course. Some cheese molds, red or brown-tinged molds, for example, are offensive. Toss those bacteria-contaminated moldy cheeses in the garbage quickly and move along to the grey, blue, or green colored moldy cheeses in the fridge instead.

Like a sommelier pairs the best wines with meals, a cheesemonger provides expert advice on artisan cheeses for recipes, banquets, and sources for restaurants.

Cheeses such as Maytag blue, Roquefort, bleu, camembert, gorgonzola, and Stilton are a few of the moldy reasons cheese lovers celebrate on this day.

Moldy cheese gets such colorful phrases. For example, the fuzzy mold on a wheel of fresh brie is called cats fur. These bloomy rind cheeses take some careful maintenance. However, the results are satisfying. Isn’t the best food is a bit of a science experiment, anyway?

Gorgonzola cheese is made with three different kinds of mold spores. It’s like a milder blue cheese, but gorgonzola is creamier and earthier. Toss it with pasta and mushrooms for an outstanding meal. Also, it compliments any cheese plate. Add apples and tart, dried cranberries.

HOW TO OBSERVE #MoldyCheeseDay

Stop by a local deli or chat with your favorite cheesemonger about a uniquely moldy cheese. Other ways to celebrate the day include:

  • Invite friends for a tasting
  • Clean out your fridge. You might find some moldy cheese.
  • Try a moldy cheese you’ve never tried before. Is Stilton something new to you? Try it!
  • Share your recipes using moldy cheeses. 

#MoldyCheeseDay to post on social media.


National Day Calendar® continues researching the origins of this funky food day.



National Motorcycle Ride Day on the second Saturday in October encourages all motorcyclists in the USA and the world to get out on their motorcycles for a united day of riding.

The month of October offers two significant reasons to ride. First, it’s the end of the riding season for a lot of motorcyclists. It is also the month that John B. Dunlop developed the first practical pneumatic tire in 1887. Without this development in tire technology, motorcycles would not perform as they do or be as enjoyable as they are today. That being said, the day also honors John B. Dunlop and his invention of the first practical pneumatic tire.

Use the day to escape on your motorcycle. Have some fun, relieve some stress, and really enjoy the thrills. Freedom is what riding a motorcycle offers.

The day focuses on riders of all motorcycle disciplines. No matter what type of motorcycle you own or what type of rider you are, enjoy the camaraderie that comes along with owning a motorcycle. If you own a motorcycle, you will understand.

National Motorcycle Ride Day also encourages motorcyclists to support the motorcycle industry. While enjoying some of the last beautiful days of riding, stop by your local motorcycle dealer, too. By supporting your local dealer and other businesses while enjoying your ride, you will help spur growth in your local economy.

HOW TO OBSERVE #NationalMotorcycleRideDay

Go for a ride with a friend and enjoy the fall weather. Be sure to share the enjoyment of riding while the season lasts. While you are out on your ride or at your local dealer take a picture.

  • Relive the thrill of this year’s rides.
  • Plan trips for next year.
  • While connecting with other riders, find out about their favorite places to ride.
  • Join a riding organization.

Give a shout out to your favorite businesses and post on social media using #NationalMotorcycleRideDay and @nationalmotorcyclerideday


Chad Geer of Dunlop Tire N.A. founded National Motorcycle Ride Day 2015 to celebrate the riding in the fall weather and the invention of the pneumatic tire.

The Registrar at National Day Calendar® declared the day to be celebrated annually on the second Saturday in October, annually.

MEDIA CONTACT: [email protected]

I LOVE YARN DAY – Second Saturday in October


I Love Yarn Day is observed annually on the second Saturday in October.

Yarn lovers and crafters around the world rejoice! I Love Yarn Day embraces the opportunity to share your craft with someone new. Teach someone to knit, crochet, weave or enjoy any yarn craft. Explore the variety of yarns, their vibrant colors, their soft textures, and warm tones. Expose your stash to the daylight and break out the scissors. Needles optional!

Yarn Bombing is creatively covering objects with knitted or crocheted material in an artistic manner.

Crochet uses a hooked needle to loop strands of threads together to make garments or artwork.

Knitting creates multiple loops of yarn together using two needles. The loops or stitches develop fabrics for sweaters, blankets and other materials.

Weaving creates textiles by interlacing threads at right angles.

String art creates an image by stringing yarn or string between pins placed on a surface. The concepts can be geometric, abstract or representational.

Doll making uses yarn to create soft dolls and animals by wrapping yarn and shaping fiber, using pom poms made from yarn and trimming it to form features.

Needlepoint uses yarn by placing colored knots and crosses in fabric or canvas to create an image or pattern.


Teach someone about the love of yarn crafts. Share your story on social media using #ILoveYarnDay.


The Craft Yarn Council founded I Love Yard day in 2011 spreading the love of yarn crafts for generations to come. The Craft Yarn Council is a nonprofit comprised of leading yarn companies, manufacturers, publishers, and consultants in the yarn industry.  “A survey conducted by the council affirms the numerous health benefits of yarn crafts like knitting and crocheting,” Jenny Bessonette, Executive Director of the Craft Yarn Council said. “We invite all of our followers to participate by posting and talking about how yarn has affected their lives.”

NATIONAL COSTUME SWAP DAY – Second Saturday in October


On the second Saturday in October, National Costume Swap Day encourages the pirates, princesses, dragons, and wizards to trade costumes!

No matter whether your costumes are store-bought, homemade, or patched together, stretch your costume collections. Friends, neighbors, offices, and playgroups gather to swap costumes just in time for Halloween. But the day isn’t designed just for trick-or-treaters. Theater groups prepping for the fall drama season also benefit from swapping costumes.

Not only is a costume swap a great way to save money, but it’s also an excellent opportunity to explore ideas for children of all ages. Dress up provides children a chance to use their imagination. Playing a role and pretending explores personality and the imaginary worlds they’ve only read about or seen on TV. When colorful costumes that fit their dreams suddenly appear before them, children’s eyes light up. And parents’ pocketbooks feel relieved.

When it comes to a budding theater troupe, costuming can be an arduous task. Depending on the requirements of the play, dressing the cast can almost be as difficult as dressing the stage. Area theater groups support one another in numerous ways. Costuming is just another way they help out.

Also, both approaches to costume swapping help the environment. Not only is it recycling at its best by reusing costumes, but it also keeps costumes out of landfills.

HOW TO OBSERVE#NationalCostumeSwapDay

Swap an old Halloween costume for a different one. Organize a costume swap in your neighborhood, with your daycare or extended family. 

Be sure to use #NationalCostumeSwapDay to post on social media.


In 2010, created Costume Swap Day to promote an economical and environmentally friendly way to dress for Halloween. 

NATIONAL CHESS DAY - Second Saturday of October


The second Saturday in October recognizes National Chess Day. The game challenges players mentally while also breaking down barriers through the centuries.   

Chess developed in India during the fifth century. As the strategic game spread across continents, the pieces and rules evolved. It also shifted between classes. Once, only the upper class could afford to linger over a long, challenging game. However, the merchant class would later introduce the game to the rest of the population as they traveled around the world trading their wares.

In the game of chess, two opponents go head to head with 16 playing pieces each. These pieces include eight pawns, two rooks, two knights, two bishops, one queen and one king in each color. Their objective is to capture the opponent’s king through a series of strategic moves.

The day celebrates the long history of chess and recognizes the role chess plays in connecting people across societies. The game has broken many barriers – class, language, and cultural – simply by two people sitting down to play one of the most mentally challenging games in the world.

Chess Facts
  • It’s a mental game. However, the game can end as quickly as two moves.
  • The longest possible chess game in terms of the number of moves is 5,949.
  • Checkmate derives from the Persian phrase Shah Mat. The phrase means “the King is dead.”
  • In 1989, a chess match between Ivan Nikolic and Goran Arsovic in Belgrade ended in a draw. It was recorded as the longest official check game and lasted 269 moves.
  • The playing board used today with the alternating light and dark squares first appeared in Europe in 1090.

HOW TO OBSERVE #NationalChessDay

Play a game of chess. Find a tournament near you and join it.  Create an event to teach others to play chess.  Use #NationalChessDay to post on social media.

We also reveal 7 Stories Behind Our Favorite Games. Come check it out!


President Ford declared National Chess Day on October 9th, 1976 as part of the nation’s bicentennial celebration. More information can be found on this day due to the work of David Heiser.  You can find his investigative work here.

For both professionals and amateurs, chess is a game that sharpens the mind, tests human faculties and encourages healthy competition. It has captivated the attention of players and specators world-wide and will continue to do so as long as competition and excellence challenge mankind. ~ President Gerald Ford ~ October 1976

Our founding fathers played chess, including George Washington, Ben Franklin, and Thomas Jefferson. Franklin was exceptionally skilled and wrote one of the earliest books on chess.

On Deck for October 10, 2021

National Days

International Days

October 9th Celebrated (And Not So Celebrated) History

Joshua C. Stoddard obtains patent No. 13,668 for his invention of the steam calliope. The Worcester, MA inventor equipped the “steam organ” with whistles and when steam was forced through them, they played a note. He later added a keyboard. The musical instrument became associated with riverboats and carnivals, particularly on the carousels.


The American distiller who founded Jack Daniel’s distillery dies. Born Jasper Newton Daniel, he is best known for his Tennessee whiskey. Daniels learned to make moonshine at a young age and founded the Jack Daniels Distillery in 1875.


The Draconid meteor shower surprised Europe with a short but intense display. Caused by the passing of the Giacobini-Zinner comet leaving debris in its 6.6-year orbital path, the comet’s displays vary depending on where the Earth is in relation to the comet’s debris path. In 2020, the comet returns, but whether it will be a display of hundreds of meteors an hour or just a few remains to be seen.


The Boulder Dam, later named Hoover Dam, starts its first generator.


The Simmons Company begins selling electric blankets. Based out of Petersburg, VA, the manufacturer’s ads tout the product as the “New Way to Better Sleep!” The blanket connected to a control device that users set on their bedside table. The price? $39.50.


Dr. Nick Holonyak, Jr. demonstrated the first visible-spectrum light-emitting diode (LED) in Syracuse, NY.


London’s Royal Albert Hall hosted the first sumo wrestling tournament held off of Japanese soil in the 1500 year history of the sport.


Data from the Lunar CRater Observation and Sensing Satellite (LCROSS) detects water on the moon for the first time.

Recipe of the Day

Black Forest Cake recipe

Black Forest Cake
Prep:  30 minutes
Cook:  35 minutes
Total Prep:  65 minutes
Servings:  12



2 – 1/8 cups all-purpose flour
2 cups sugar
3/4 cup unsweetened cocoa powder
1 – 1/2 teaspoons baking powder
3/4 teaspoon baking soda
3/4 teaspoon salt
3 eggs
1 cup milk
1/2 cup vegetable oil


1 tablespoon vanilla extract
2 – 20 oz cans pitted sour cherries
1 cup sugar
1/4 cup cornstarch


1 teaspoon vanilla extract
3 cups heavy whipping cream
1/3 cup confectioners’ sugar



Preheat oven to 350 degrees F

Prepare two 9 inch, round cake pans by greasing and flouring, then layer the bottoms with wax paper.

In a large bowl, mix flour, 2 cups sugar, cocoa, baking powder, soda, and salt.

Add eggs, milk, oil, and 1 tablespoon vanilla and beat until well.

Pour into cake pans.

Bake in 350°F oven for 35 minutes or until a toothpick inserted into the center of the cake comes out clean.

Cool the cakes on wire racks for 10 minutes.

Loosen edges, remove from pans and allow to cool completely on racks.


Drain cherries and reserve 1/2 cup of juice.

Combined cherries, 1/2 cup juice, 1 cup sugar, and starch in a saucepan.

Over low heat, cook until thickened, stirring constantly.

Add 1 teaspoon vanilla.

Let cool.


In a chilled medium bowl, combine whipping cream and confectioners’ sugar.

Using an electric mixer, beat on high speed until stiff peaks form.

Split each cake layer with a long serrated knife in half.

Set aside 1 1/2 cups of frosting for decorating the cake.

rush crumbs off the top of each layer of the cake.

Set aside one split layer to tear into crumbs.

Place bottom layer on a cake plate and spread with 1 cup of frosting.

Add 3/4 cup cherry topping.

Add the second cake layer.

Repeat frosting and cherry layers.

Top with the third cake layer and frost the side of the cake.

Pat reserved crumbs onto the cake.

Fit a star decorator tip onto a pastry bag and spoon reserve frosting into the bag.

Pipe frosting around the edges of the cake.

Spoon remaining cherry topping around the top of the cake.

October 9th Celebrated (And Not So Celebrated) Birthdays
Mary Ann Shadd – 1823

The abolitionist and journalist was a woman of many firsts. Using her skill, she published the first African American newspaper, The Provincial Freemen. As a result, she was the first African American woman to become an editor. Shadd’s other achievements included a law degree and establishing a school for all races of children.

Joan Berger – 1933

The right-handed infielder was a batting powerhouse in the All American Girls Professional Baseball League. In her fourth and last season with the Rockford Peaches, she had a batting average of .280. That year in the MLB the league batting average was .261.

Sir Peter Mansfield – 1933

The Nobel Prize-winning physicist pursued his Ph.D. in science following his military service. Along with Charles Slichter, he advanced nuclear medicine with the development of the MRI.

Rocky Aoki – 1938

The one-time wrestler and restaurateur founded the Japanese restaurant, Benihana, in 1964. The restaurant is also the founder of National Fried Rice Day.

John Lennon – 1940

The founder and co-lead vocalist of the Beatles would later become a peace activist. Married to Yoko Ono, he shares a birthday with his son Sean. In 1980, Lennon was assassinated by Mark David Chapman.

Brian Lamb – 1941

In 1979, the American journalist founded the non-profit television network Cable-Satellite Public Affairs Network (C-SPAN). The network offers a live feed of federal government proceedings and public affairs programming.

Nona Hendryx – 1944

The now solo artist and producer was once part of the girl trio which included Patti LaBelle and Sarah Dash. In the late 60s and 70s, the group rose to fame with hit songs such as “Lady Marmalade” and “What Can I Do For You.” They were also the opening act for groups such as The Who and The Rolling Stones. After the trio broke up, Hendryx went on to a successful solo and producing career.

Mike Singletary – 1958

Singletary played 12 years with the Chicago Bears. The linebacker would continue his NFL career when he joined the coaching staff of the Baltimore Ravens. He would later coach for other teams, too, such as the San Francisco 49ers, Minnesota Vikings, and Los Angeles Rams.

Guillermo del Toro – 1964

The director, producer, and screenwriter rose up through the ranks of Hollywood with films such as Labyrinth, Hellboy, and The Shape of Water.

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