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National Doughnut Day on November 5th is one of two observed by doughnut lovers across the nation. The first Friday in June is the other day doughnuts steal the bakery case spotlight ready to tease their way into white bakery box home!

For more information on the National Doughnut Day celebrated in June.

History disputes the origin of the doughnut. One theory suggests Dutch settlers brought doughnuts to North America much like they brought other traditional American desserts. They receive credit for such desserts as the apple pie, cream pie, and cobbler. 

Doughnuts come in many shapes. Was the original doughnut round? If so, American, Hanson Gregory laid claim to inventing the ring-shaped doughnut in 1847. He was on-board a lime-trading ship. Only 16 at the time, Gregory claims he punched a hole in the center of dough with the ship’s tin pepper box. Later, he taught the technique to his mother.

Traveling further back in time, we look at an English cookbook. According to anthropologist Paul R. Mullins, an 1803 volume included doughnuts in the appendix of American recipes. However, the earliest recorded usage of the term doughnut is found in a short story in a Boston Times article about “fire-cakes and dough-nuts” published in 1808. 

A more commonly cited first written recording of the word is Washington Irving’s reference to doughnuts in 1809 in his History of New York. He described balls of sweetened dough, fried in hog’s fat. The author called them doughnuts. Today, these nuts of fried dough are called doughnut holes.

Another author, William Cullen Bryant describes doughnuts fried in lard in his book Picturesque America; Or, the Land We Live In which was published in 1872.

Donut versus Doughnut
  • Print ads for cake and glazed donuts and doughnuts existed from at least 1896 in the United States.
  • George W. Peck published Peck’s Bad Boy and his Pa in 1900It contained the first known printed use of donut. In it, a character is quoted as saying, “Pa said he guessed he hadn’t got much appetite and he would just drink a cup of coffee and eat a donut.”
  • In 1919, the Square Donut Company of America was founded. Square donuts offer an easier to package product.

The more traditional spelling is doughnut. However, both doughnut and donut are pervasive in American English.

Doughnuts come in a large variety of recipes, flavors, and toppings. However, just like many pastries, we are only limited by imagination and ingredients at hand. From syrups and jellies to sprinkles and custards, top them, fill them, bake them or fry them. Doughnuts have a mouth-watering way of glazing and dusting their way into our shopping carts. They also slip into the break room at work to share.  

HOW TO OBSERVE #NationalDoughnutDay

Stop at your favorite doughnut shop and indulge in a fresh doughnut or try making your own with one of the following recipes:

Best Baked Doughnuts Ever
Easy Drop Doughnuts
Easy Doughnuts
Chocolate Doughnuts

Use #NationalDoughnutDay to post on social media.


National Day Calendar® continues researching the origins of this doughnut holiday.

NATIONAL MEN MAKE DINNER DAY – First Thursday in November


National Men Make Dinner Day on the first Thursday in November places the man of the house in charge of the kitchen and the evening’s meal. 

Some men like to cook and do so on a regular basis. To those men, kudos to you! You can submit your favorite recipe on the National Men Make Dinner website

This day was created for the men who do not know their way around the kitchen and are not familiar with cooking appliances, as well as for the women in their lives who need a break.

Men need to be aware that there is a list of rules that must be followed, some of which include:

  • The main meal must include a minimum of 4 ingredients and require at least one cooking utensil other than a fork.
  • The man goes shopping for all the necessary ingredients.
  • Clean up as you go.
  • Aprons are optional.

For a list of complete rules, see the above-mentioned website.

HOW TO OBSERVE #MenMakeDinnerDay

Have the men in the house prepare a meal and use #MenMakeDinnerDay to post on social media.


Sandy Sharkey created National Men Make Dinner Day in 2001.

National Love Your Red Hair Day - November 5


National Love Your Red Hair Day celebrates the beauty of those gorgeous red tresses annually on November 5th. There’s no reason to be shy. Redheads get the spotlight to show of the unique qualities of red hair. 

Many redheads feel like outcasts for having red hair. This celebration empowers redheads to feel confident, look amazing, and rock their beauty. Red hair is more than a color; it’s a lifestyle. Besides, redheads are rare. Less than 2 percent of the population are crowned with red hair. And those that are may very well be left-handed, too. 

  • Lucille Ball
  • Queen Elizabeth I
  • Ron Howard
  • Vincent van Gogh
  • Rupert Grint
  • Carol Burnett\
  • Bonnie Raitt
  • Wynonna Judd
  • Carrot Top

Most natural-born redheads (yes, some of us like the bottle) have brown eyes, followed by green or hazel. Coming in at 1% of the world’s population, the blue-eyed ginger is the rarest kind. 

And redheads do stand out in a crowd. So, each unique and impressively stunning redhead gets to show off their locks.

HOW TO OBSERVE #LoveYourRedHairDay

Redheads gather together. Show your red hair in all its glory. Short, long, curly, or straight, red hair gets the spotlight. Celebrate your beauty by posting photos of your red hair on social media using #LoveYourRedHairDay.


National Love Your Red Hair Day was submitted by Adrienne & Stephanie Vendetti, co-founders of How to be a Redhead in August of 2015. How to be a Redhead brand released its beauty book and subscription box in 2015. Each year on November 5th, redheads can celebrate their locks to the fullest. 

The Registrar at National Day Calendar declared the observance to be celebrated on November 5th, annually.


How to be a Redhead – Adrienne and Stephanie Vendetti – 347-709-0RED (0733) or [email protected]

National Cash Back Day - First Thursday in November


National Cash Back Day on the first Thursday in November speaks to the savvy shopper in all of us. It’s one big day of exclusive offers that gives you the gift of cash back.

Whether shopping for the perfect holiday gifts or saving for that big-ticket item for yourself, finding great deals and saving money makes a smart shopper happy. Cash Back Day takes saving to the next level. You can put money back into your wallet before the holidays, just by shopping!

During the holidays, saving is even more critical. We have a list and a budget. Not only do we want to stick to it, but we want to celebrate with all the holiday necessities from gifts, to decorations and even travel. Savvy shoppers know it’s possible to both save and wow during the holidays. That’s what National Cash Back Day is all about.

Whether it’s gift-giving, entertaining, travel expenses, the perfect outfit for holiday card photos, or treating yourself to something special, discounts can be found. Shoppers are celebrated by helping them earn cash back when they spend.


Whether it’s when to shop, where to shop or how to shop, the tips come flooding in during this celebration and last all year long. Learn more about discounts and savings for all kinds of budgets and styles.

Visit to find the best cash back offers. Get cash back in your wallet just in time for last-minute shopping or to spend during post-holiday sales.

Use #CashBackDay to share on social media.


RetailMeNot founded National Cash Back Day in 2019 to celebrate shoppers by giving them the gift of cash back. Hundreds of retailers are participating in Cash Back Day to help shoppers get a head-start on their holiday lists. With Cash Back Day, shoppers can save money early in the season and then get their payout right before the holidays for any last-minute essentials or to spend on themselves during post-holiday sales.

The Registrar at National Day Calendar® proclaimed National Cash Back Day in 2019 to be observed on the first Thursday in November annually.

For interviews or to learn more, please contact [email protected].
About RetailMeNot

RetailMeNot, Inc. is a leading savings destination, bringing people and the things they love together through savings with retailers, brands, restaurants and pharmacies. RetailMeNot makes everyday life more affordable through online and in-store coupon codes, cash back offers, gift card deals and the RetailMeNot Genie browser extension. Savings are also provided in consumers’ mailboxes through the RetailMeNot Everyday™ direct mail package, and at the pharmacy with RxSaver by RetailMeNot.

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On Deck for November 6, 2020

National Days

International Days

November 5 History

Susan B. Anthony along with fourteen other women presented themselves for voter registration in Rochester, NY. After being permitted to register, they cast their ballots. Several days later, United States Commissioner William Storrs issued a warrant for their arrest.


Wyoming voters ratify the first constitution in the world granting full voting rights to women. 


George B. Selden receives the first U.S. patent for an automobile. Even though he never built a car, he collected royalties from car manufacturers for years.


Marie Curie gives her first lecture at the Sorbonne. After her husband’s death, she took over his role becoming the first woman professor at the Sorbonne.


Sinclair Lewis, the author of Arrowsmith, Mainstreet, and Babbitt, became the first U.S. writer to earn the Nobel Prize in Literature.


The voters of the United States elect Franklin D. Roosevelt to a third term for the first and only time in United States history. 

Recipe of the Day

Shrimp Quinoa Risotto with Baby Kale
Prep:  5 minutes
Cook:  15 minutes
Total Prep:
  20 minutes
Servings: 4 


2 tbsp Virgin Coconut Oil, separated
8 ounces of shrimp, uncooked
2 ½ tbsp Liquid Coconut Oil
1 large shallot, finely chopped
2 cloves garlic, minced
1 ¼ cup quinoa, rinsed
½ cup dry white wine
1 tbsp lemon juice
4 cups low sodium chicken or vegetable broth
6 cups baby kale (or quick-cooking green such as spinach, arugula, etc)


Bring the broth to a simmer, lower heat and keep warm.

Heat 1 tbsp Virgin Coconut Oil in a large saucepan on medium.

Add shrimp and sprinkle a pinch of salt and pepper. Cook until pink, flipping halfway through, about 2-3 minutes. Transfer to a plate.

Heat the Liquid Coconut Oil in the pan.

Add the shallot and cook, stirring occasionally, until translucent.

Add garlic, stir and cook an additional 30 seconds.

Add quinoa, stirring to coat with the oil. Cook, stirring occasionally, until fragrant, about 2 minutes.

Add wine and stir constantly until the liquid is absorbed.

Add ½ cup broth and the lemon juice. Stir constantly until the liquid is absorbed. Continue adding the broth ½ cup at a time.

When all broth is almost absorbed, add the remaining tablespoon Virgin Coconut Oil, the shrimp and fold in the kale.

Continue to stir until all liquid is absorbed and the kale is wilted.

Serve immediately.

November 5 Birthdays
Ida Tarbell – 1857

The investigative journalist wrote a series of articles named The History of the Standard Oil Company and earned a name for her type of journalism – muckraking. However, the article exposed the unfair business practices of monopolies. She would later pursue advanced education at the Sorbonne and write several biographies.

James Ward Packard – 1863

In 1899, the industrialist co-founded the Packard Motor Car Company in Warren, OH. He remained the company’s president until 1909. In 1956, the last Packard rolled off the assembly line.

Evelyn Bryan Johnson – 1909

A colonel in the Civil Air Patrol, Bryan has logged more flying hours than any other woman in the world. In 1945, she earned her private pilot’s license, but that was only the beginning. Bryan would go on to earn her commercial license, become a flight instructor, and ran her own flying service.

Roy Rogers – 1911

The actor and singer appeared in more than 100 westerns, usually as himself.

Peter Pace – 1945

In 2005, Page became the first Marine to serve as the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. His already long career now encompassed increased efforts to overcome terrorism and weapons of mass destruction. He served two years in the position and retired from active duty after 40 years of military service.

Bryan Adams – 1959

The award-winning Canadian musician rose to fame in the early 1980s. His first taste of success came with his album Cuts Like A Knife.

Tatum O’Neal – 1963

The actress won her first award at the age of 10 for her role as Addie Loggins in the film Paper Moon.

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