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National Author's Day November 1


Every year on November 1, millions of people celebrate authors and the books that they write on National Author’s Day.

After her grandmother’s death in 1968, Sue Cole promoted the observance of National Authors Day.  She urged people to write a note to their favorite author on November 1, to “brighten up the sometimes lonely business of being a writer.”  She also suggested flying the American flag as another way of showing appreciation for the men and women who have created American literature. 


Purchase some books by your favorite author to support them. Use #NationalAuthorsDay to post on social media.


In 1928, Nellie Verne Burt McPherson, president of the Bement, Illinois Women’s Club had an idea of setting aside a day to celebrate American authors.  McPherson was a teacher and throughout her life, an avid reader.  While she was recuperating in the hospital during World War I, she wrote a fan letter to fiction writer, Irving Bacheller, telling him how much she enjoyed reading his story Eben Holden’s Last Day A’ Fishin.  Upon receiving her letter, Bacheller sent her an autographed copy of another story, and it was then that McPherson realized that she would never be able to thank him adequately for his gift.  McPerson decided to show her appreciation by submitting an idea for a National Author’s Day to the General Federation of Women’s Clubs.  They passed a resolution declaring November 1 as a day to honor American writers.  The United States Department of Commerce recognized this day in 1949.

National Men Make Dinner Day - First Thursday in November


National Men Make Dinner Day is observed annually on first Thursday in November.  This is the day for men to take charge in the kitchen and cook for their loved ones.

Some men like to cook and do so on a regular basis. To those men, kudos to you! You can submit your favorite recipe on the National Men Make Dinner website

This day was created for the men who do not know their way around the kitchen and are not familiar with cooking appliances, as well as for the women in their lives who need a break.

Men need to be aware that there is a list of rules that must be followed, some of which include:

  • The main meal must include a minimum of 4 ingredients and require at least one cooking utensil other than a fork.
  • The man goes shopping for all necessary ingredients.
  • Clean up as you go.
  • Aprons are optional.

For a list of complete rules, see the above-mentioned website.


Have the men in the house prepare a meal and use #MenMakeDinnerDay to post on social media.


National Men Make Dinner Day was created by Sandy Sharkey in 2001.

National Family Literacy Day November 1


National Family Literacy Day is observed each year on November 1.

Celebrated across America, this day focuses on special activities and events that showcase the importance of family literacy programs.

First held in 1994, National Literacy Day kicks off National Literacy Month in November.

During the month of November, there are many events which are held at schools, libraries and other literacy organizations.


Get together with family and read a book together. Use #FamilyLiteracyDay to post on social media.


In 1994, the 103rd Congress passed Joint Resolution 413 Designating November 1 National Family Literacy Day.

National Brush Day November 1


National Brush Day is observed annually on November 1st.  Sometimes referred to as National Brush Your Teeth Day, National Brush Day is a reminder to all individuals to follow the American Dental Associations guidelines.

The day follows Halloween, which traditionally is the single most significant day of candy consumption in the USA.  The simple act of brushing your teeth twice daily for two minutes can have a substantial impact on cavity prevention as well as a myriad of oral diseases such as gingivitis.


Spend some extra time explaining the importance of brushing your teeth to children.  Replace your toothbrush.  Use #NationalBrushDay when posting on social media.


National Brush Day began in 2013 as an extension of the Kids’ Healthy Mouths public service advertising (PSA) campaign by The Partnership for Healthy Mouths, Healthy Lives.  The coalition of more than 35 leading oral health organizations and the Ad Council launched the campaign in August 2012.  National Brush Day is designed to remind and encourage parents to get their kids brushing their teeth for just two minutes, twice a day.

National Cook For Your Pets Day November 1


Who is man’s best friend?  A dog, of course!  Today’s national holiday is about doing something special for your furry best friend, but includes all pets, not just dogs!!  You love your pet, and want to provide what is best for them, so why not try to make them healthy, home cooked food?  November 1st celebrates National Cook For Your Pets Day.

A lot of people these days are concerned about the food they eat and where that food, or ingredients, come from.  Most of our food supply today is processed and loaded with fillers, and the same applies our pet food.  Animals need to eat a natural diet to be at optimal health, and most of the pet food you can buy has a lot of unnatural things in it.  If you cook or make your own pet food at home, you are in control of giving your little companion food that has only the best and essential ingredients that will best serve them.

If you are willing to try cooking for your pet, first start by consulting with your vet.  Veterinarians will know just what your pet’s nutrition needs are and will have ample advice that can be tailored for you and your furry loved one.  The next step is to do some research.  There are some foods should be avoided for feeding your pet, because they could be detrimental to your pet’s health.  A couple of things to avoid are chocolate, onions, avocados, garlic, salt, yeast dough, tomato leaves and stems, and milk-based foods.

Your next step in this adventure would be to decide what will be on your pet’s menu.  The internet can be your friend with this, by helping you to find recipes and different ideas.

And last, but not least, enjoy yourself in this culinary adventure.  Our pets do a lot for us.  They give us unconditional love, so celebrate National Cook For Your Pets Day by giving them that kind of love back in a delicious, nutritious home cooked meal!


Make a meal for your pet. (Make sure to check with your vet about foods to avoid.) Use #CookForYourPetsDay to post on social media.


Within our research, we were unable to find the origin of National Cook For Your Pets Day.




If the air is resplendent with the aroma of garlic and tomato sauce on November 1, it might just be that it’s National Calzone Day.

Calzones take the delicious toppings and cheese of a pizza and tuck it up tight in a warm garlicky, crusty package. Also known as calzoni in some parts of Italy, like the pizza, it originated in Naples. It looks much like a turnover, and as varied as pizzas come these days, so does the calzone.

The loose translation of the word calzone to trouser legs from Italian to English may explain the purpose of what essentially is a pizza hand pie. Though how one carries out the task while walking about on two legs when these moon-shaped pies are filled with a bounty of cheeses, meat, vegetables and sauces is sure a miracle to behold!

Happy National Calzone Day from Minsky’s Pizza! We’re celebrating all week long starting today, November 1 through November 5! Minsky’s is giving customers a chance to Win Free Calzones from Minsky’s for an Entire Year! The winner will be selected from a pool including all Facebook, Instagram and Twitter posts using the hashtag #MinskysCalzoneDay17. Complete Calzone Sweepstakes details at Minskys.com/national-calzone-day

That’s not all, Minsky’s is taking 25% off all Gourmet and Build Your Own Minsky’s Calzones from Nov. 1 through Nov. 5th. Plus, Farmland bacon may be added to any Minsky’s Calzone at no charge! Click here to learn more.


On National Calzone Day, the dough will be infused with garlic and butter to add flavor. Sauces made from scratch with Italian herbs and spices will lend that old world flair to every calzone recipe. By the time the mozzarella, provolone or parmesan melts into the sausage, spinach or whatever choice ingredients, aromas will be filling the air and mouths will be watering.  So take a seat, invite some friends, and enjoy the evening savoring a well-made calzone.


Experience a fresh, hot-from-the-oven calzone and use #NationalCalzoneDay to share on social media.


Minsky’s Pizza founded National Calzone Day in 2016 to celebrate their 40th anniversary and their passion for delicious, handmade calzones. The Registrar at National Day Calendar declared the day in September. In honor of National Calzone Day, Minsky’s has created a brand new gourmet calzone. Made with asiago cheese, 2 thick slices of Farmland bacon and garlic butter, Minsky’s will also add lemon drizzled, succulent lobster to this one of a kind calzone!


National Vinegar Day November 1


This common household product brightens many salads, is used in canning and can shine up a window, too! November 1 recognizes National Vinegar Day!
Vinegar is produced either by a fast or a slow fermentation process. Slow methods are generally used with traditional vinegar and the fermentation proceeds slowly over the course of months or up to a year.

There are many varieties of vinegar:

* Apple cider * Balsamic * Beer * Cane * Coconut * Date * Distilled vinegar * East Asian black * Flavored vinegar * Fruit * Honey * Job’s tears * Kiwifruit * Kombucha * Malt * Palm * Raisin* Rice * Sinamak * Spirit vinegar * Sherry vinegar * White * Wine *

Vinegar is:

  • Most commonly used in food preparation such as pickling processes, vinaigrettes and other salad dressings
  • An essential ingredient in mustard, ketchup, barbecue sauce and mayonnaise
  • A popular condiment for fish and chips
  • Used as a flavoring for potato chips
  • Used as a dip for crab meat
  • A substitute for fresh lemon juice
  • Used as a sauce when roasting lamb
  • Used in sushi rice
  • Used as a flavoring
  • Commonly put into mint sauce
  • Used in making some beverages
  • Used for medical remedies and treatments
  • Used for cleaning
  • Used in gardening and pest control

Some forms of vinegar are believed to have health benefits.

To learn more about vinegar, see:  http://www.versatilevinegar.org/vinegarlore.html


Use #NationalVinegarDay to post on social media.


Within our research, we were unable to find the origin of National Vinegar Day.

National Deep Fried Clams Day - November 1


Fried claims have been on menus since the 1840s alongside mutton, liver and veal cutlets in restaurants up and down the Eastern Seaboard. Now, on November 1, we observe National Deep Fried Clams Day.

According to legend, Lawrence Henry “Chubby” Woodman from Essex, Massachusetts deep fried the first breaded versions of clams over 100 years ago. On July 3, 1916, in his small roadside restaurant, now Woodman’s of Essex, it is believed Chubby served his customers the first modern-day deep fried clams.  

It was later on that Thomas Soffron of Soffron Brothers Clam Co., based in Ipswich, Massachusetts, created clam strips, which are made from the foot of hard-shelled sea clams.  Soffron sold these to Howard Johnson’s in an exclusive deal, and as the chain expanded, they became popular throughout the country.

Clams are low in cholesterol and fat without breading and oil.  However, when fried, they absorb cooking fat and calories. 

Fried clams to New England are what barbecue is to the South. ~David Leite ~August 29, 2007, New York Times ~In A ’64 T-Bird, Chasing a Date With a Clam


Enjoy this Battered Fried Clams recipe.

Use #DeepFriedClamsDay to post on social media.


Our research was unable to find the creator of National Deep Fried Clam Day.

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