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Where Should We Celebrate Next?

Every single day we get to celebrate a variety of fun and exciting National Days.  On occasion we like to designate an “Official Destination” to help us promote the celebration in their own unique way.

It might be a well-known national restaurant chain or a local “Mom & Pop Shop”.

Whether or not you live in that town, we ask you join the party any way you can.

Here are ways that many of you have participated in the past:

  • Share social media posts from both National Day Calendar and our Official Destination company.
  • Visit their location, either that day or at sometime during the next year.  Going on vacation?  Add them to your list of tourist stops.  When you do, be sure and thank them for their involvement with National Day Calendar.  Post a selfie from that location as well!
  • Visit their website and support them with orders, comments, and/or social media shares.

So here is where you come in…

We are planning out the rest of our year and want to know what businesses YOU think should be nominated for an Official Destination on their National Day.

Please fill out the form below.

Now check back every month and see what National Days are in need of an Official Destination!

As always, we appreciate you and your continued support.  Thanks for helping us #CelebrateEveryDay!

Official Destination Nomination Form

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