(Last Updated On: July 21, 2020)

Nick and John first met in college while attending film school. After graduation, they went their separate ways to pursue their careers. However, after seven years of separately working in the media industry, they were brought together again. At the time, Nick was in need of an experienced editor on a TV show he was creating. As luck would have it, that experienced editor turned out to be John.

Whether you call it fate, or luck, Nick and John took their reunion as a chance to seize the moment to begin creating their own productions. Since then, this duo has found a way to celebrate the little things in life.

Happy Every Day

Both Nick and John recognize many people today miss out on enjoying life. After brainstorming, John came up with the concept to make videos for national holidays. In the beginning, they had intentions of hiring a stand up comedian to be the host of their videos, but needed money. Unfortunately, it quickly became apparent finding funding was an obstacle. Instead, they decided to host their videos themselves under the guise Happy Every Day.

Even though they don’t feel comfortable in front of the camera, Nick and John make it work and have fun doing it! All of their content is family friendly, silly, and focuses on a variety of people’s favorite days, attracting all spectrums of people.

Celebrating Every Day

Adding this duo to the list of National Day Calendar Ambassadors was an easy choice. They live by our motto to celebrate everything every day. Their videos are so much fun, we asked them to join the team.

“We love any day that invites us to learn something new or meet someone new.”

Nick and John have grown to love many sports days, especially Go Fishing Day. Even though they found it difficult to make a video fishing, they both agree having the opportunity to get away from the city and try something that was peaceful was well worth the challenge.

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