National Contract Sewing Month - July
(Last Updated On: July 8, 2022)

National Contract Sewing Month - July


National Contract Sewing Month is in July and is a month long-observance recognizing and celebrating all things manufactured with a needle and thread.

Being able to purchase goods which require so much intricacy and skill to produce is something most people take for granted. That’s why a national holiday that recognizes the hard work that goes on behind the curtains is essential.

Being a modern contract sewing manufacturer involves a level of sophistication, dedication, and attention to detail that makes bringing an idea from conception into a mass-produced reality…well, seamless.

That’s why this day is dedicated to the seamstresses, machine operators, designers, mechanics, and operators. It’s also in honor of the engineers, quality assurance specialists, sourcing managers, and the cut and sew geniuses who make up “the fabric” of our industry.

There are millions of skilled laborers all over the world cutting, stitching, and programming away to bring you a plethora of affordable soft goods. Everything from life-saving seat belts and EMT bags, to life-enhancing sports equipment and athletic gear, to life-improving orthopedics and medical devices, and life protecting military and tactical gear — it would be pretty near impossible to go a day without coming across an item that isn’t made by a contract sewing company.


Take a photo of your favorite item that required a thread and needle and tag it with #ContractSewingMonth #CustomFabUSA. Let us know how this item has impacted your life for the better.


If you’re part of the contract sewing industry, you can get involved by hosting a National Contract Sewing month event. It’s easy; either create a unique competition or put on an event that recognizes and celebrates manufacturing mastery!


CustomFab USA founded National Contract Sewing Month as a way to honor those hidden figures who work tirelessly behind the scenes manufacturing the wealth of material goods that are so ubiquitous and necessary to modern day life.

In 2019, the Registrar at National Day Calendar proclaimed National Contract Sewing Month to be observed in July annually.

Founded in 1990, CustomFab USA began with a single sewing machine and ultrasonic welder but quickly grew into the contract sewing industry’s go-to white label Made in USA manufacturer for soft goods. The reasons for the company’s success are plenty — innovative use of ERP software, investment in new technology, a belief in American Made industry — but mostly it’s because of the people. Without the expertise and dedication of a skilled workforce that now numbers over 350 strong, the products that add to the quality of everyday life would not be possible.

To recognize those amazing individuals who work with us and other, similar, industrial sewing companies, we worked with the National Day Calendar to carve out a month dedicated to contract sewing.

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